IFR ORAL-Preflight Actions

What are the required tests and inspections to be performed on an aircraft? Include inspections for IFR.
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Can a pilot perform the required database updates or must this action be accomplished by authorized maintenance personnel? (14 CFR 43.3)Yes, on front panel or pedestal units, no disassembling, tools or special equipment, no log entry required.When utilizing GPS for IFR navigation, are you required to have an alternate means of navigation appropriate for the route of flight? (AIM 1-1-17, FAA-H-8083-6)-Aircraft using non-WAAS equip for IFR must be equipped with an approved alternate means of navigation for flight. (must have a 30-day VOR check). -If receiver uses RAIM active monitoring of alternative navigation is not required.How can a pilot determine what type of operations a GPS receiver is approved for? (FAA-H-8083-6)The pilot should reference the AFM/AFM supplement to determine limitations and operating procedures for the GPS equipment installed.Can a handheld GPS receiver be used for IFR operations? (AIM 1-1-17)No, used only as an aid to situational awareness.