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  1. What is "cross talk"?
  2. What ganglions are supplied by the greater, lesser, & least splanchnic nerves?
  3. What are the target organs of the superior cervical ganglions (C1-C4)?
  4. What are the target organs of the superior mesenteric ganglion?
  5. What are the preganglionic and postganglionic neurotransmitters for the somatic nervous system, the PNS, and SNS?
  1. a Greater & lesser: celiac plexus
    Least: inferior mesenteric & hypogastric ganglia
  2. b Iris & ciliary body
    Lacrimal & salivary glands
    Parotid gland
  3. c Somatic: preganglionic-Ach
    PNS: preganglionic & postganglionic-Ach
    SNS: preganglionic-Ach, postganglionic-NE
  4. d Large & small bowel
  5. e Phenomenon where neurons carrying normal sensory info cross over & are interpreted as high intensity pain & accounts for allodynia

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  1. T1-T4
  2. Receives all presynaptic input enters from L1 & L2.
    These ganglia are not fused but the coccygeal ganglia meet at the midline
  3. Stomach, small bowel, adrenal medulla
  4. Complex regional pain syndrome.
  5. Ptosis (drooping of eyelid), flushing, miosis (pupillary constriction), anhidrosis (lack of sweating).

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  1. Describe the cardiac plexusSuperficial & deep divisions.
    Both organized around the aortic arch.


  2. Blocking what ganglion is indicated in treatment & diagnosis of pain syndromes, vascular insufficiency, hyperhidrosis, and dysrhythmias?Stellate


  3. Blocking what plexus is indicated in treatment of intraabdominal malignancies & chronic pancreatitis; diagnostic (local or therapeutic (neurolytic block)?Stellate


  4. Blocking what plexus and ganglion is indicated in tx of painful conditions of the pelvis and perineum?Superior hypogastric plexus & ganglion impar


  5. What are the middle cervical ganglion?C7 & C8