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  1. What ganglions are supplied by the greater, lesser, & least splanchnic nerves?
  2. Where does the cardiac plexus receive its sympathetic input from?
  3. Blocking what ganglion is indicated in treatment & diagnosis of pain syndromes, vascular insufficiency, hyperhidrosis, and dysrhythmias?
  4. What does sympathetically mediated pain involve (CRPS)?
  5. Blocking what ganglion will knock out all the sympathetics, why, and what can it result in?
  1. a An initiating event-crush, stretch, axotomy, ischemia, etc... to a peripheral nerve.
  2. b T1-T4
  3. c Stellate ganglion. All preganglionic fibers arise below the stellate ganglion.
    Could result in Horner's syndrome
  4. d Stellate
  5. e Greater & lesser: celiac plexus
    Least: inferior mesenteric & hypogastric ganglia

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  1. A-beta fibers form abnormal connections in shallow laminae (1 & 2)->normal sensory input interpreted as high intensity noxious stimuli.
    ↑ gene expression for receptors for pain related neurotransmitters (substance P).
    ↓ opioid binding sites.
  2. Ptosis (drooping of eyelid), flushing, miosis (pupillary constriction), anhidrosis (lack of sweating).
  3. Aspartate, glutamate, etc-released by c-fiber stimulation.
  4. Lumbar sympathetic ganglion.
  5. ↑ in receptive field of nociceptive neurons d/t formation of more dendrite connections in the dorsal horn.
    Dropout of inhibitory neurons.

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  1. What does the sensitization of peripheral (C-fibers) & central (dorsal horn laminae 1& 2) involve?↑ spontaneous neuronal activity d/t ectopic pacemakers (probably dysfunctional Na channels)
    ↑ response to stimuli
    ↓ stimulus threshold (less stimulation required to cause nerves to fire).


  2. What type of neuron leave the ganglia and travel to segmental nerves & target organs?Postgagnlionic neurons (unmyelinated C fibers).


  3. What are the target organs of the superior mesenteric ganglion?Lower colon & rectum


  4. In regards to the cardiac plexus, where does sympathetic input arise from?Cervical ganglia.


  5. What forms the stellate ganglion?Inferior cervical ganglion fuses w/ T1.