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  1. In regards to the lumbo-sacral lateral chain, where do most sympathetic fibers to the lower ext pass thru, and what would blockade at this level cause?
  2. Describe the lateral chain ganglia?
  3. Where does the cardiac plexus receive its sympathetic input from?
  4. In regards to the SNS, where do preganglionic B fibers exit the spinal cord?
  5. In regards to the cardiac plexus, where does parasympathetic input arise from?
  1. a With the ventral ramus.
  2. b Pass thru L2/L3. Causes near complete sympathectomy of the lower ext.
  3. c Vagus & recurrent laryngeal nerves.
  4. d T1-T4
  5. e Paravertebral ganglia T1-L2 on the anterolateral surface of the vertebral bodies.

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  1. T1 or below
  2. In triggering wide dynamic range (WDR) neurons that are responsible for generalization of specific nociceptive info.
  3. C7 & C8
  4. An initiating event-crush, stretch, axotomy, ischemia, etc... to a peripheral nerve.
  5. C5-C6

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  1. What are the target organs for the celiac ganglion?Urogenital organs


  2. What are the S/S of Horner's syndrome?Ptosis (drooping of eyelid), flushing, miosis (pupillary constriction), anhidrosis (lack of sweating).


  3. What are the NMDA antagonists, what are they useful for?Ketamine, dextromethorphan, methadone, PCP
    Useful in chronic pain syndrome


  4. Blocking what plexus is indicated in treatment of intraabdominal malignancies & chronic pancreatitis; diagnostic (local or therapeutic (neurolytic block)?Stellate


  5. What are the target organs of the superior mesenteric ganglion?Lower colon & rectum


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