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  1. What are the target organs of the hypogastric ganglion?
  2. Blocking what ganglion will knock out all the sympathetics, why, and what can it result in?
  3. Describe the lumbo-sacral lateral chain
  4. What are the inferior cervical ganglion?
  5. What are the target organs for the celiac ganglion?
  1. a Stomach, small bowel, adrenal medulla
  2. b Stellate ganglion. All preganglionic fibers arise below the stellate ganglion.
    Could result in Horner's syndrome
  3. c C7 & C8
  4. d Receives all presynaptic input enters from L1 & L2.
    These ganglia are not fused but the coccygeal ganglia meet at the midline
  5. e Urogenital organs

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  1. ↑ adrenergic receptors
    ↑ sensitivity to stimuli (↑ action potential per stimulus)
    ↑ "cross talk"
  2. From the greater & lesser splanchnic nerves.
  3. Somatic: preganglionic-Ach
    PNS: preganglionic & postganglionic-Ach
    SNS: preganglionic-Ach, postganglionic-NE
  4. C1-C4
  5. Ptosis (drooping of eyelid), flushing, miosis (pupillary constriction), anhidrosis (lack of sweating).

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  1. In regards to the SNS, where do preganglionic B fibers originate?In the intermediolateral cell column segments T1-L2 or L3


  2. What does the sensitization of peripheral (C-fibers) & central (dorsal horn laminae 1& 2) involve?Lower colon & rectum


  3. What are the NMDA agonists and what releases them?Aspartate, glutamate, etc-released by c-fiber stimulation.


  4. What are the target organs of the inferior mesenteric ganglion?Lower colon & rectum


  5. What are the middle cervical ganglion?C5-C6