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Was very different from other historians as he was not so much concerned with warfare and more concerned with social history. He wrote many works primarily biographies and a well known work of his "the 12 lives of Caesars". Suetonius is our source of information for Domitian and our best source of authority for the Julio Claudian rulers.
He tells us of the first ruler Tiberius (A.D. 14-37) who he describes as very suspicious and delusional as well as capable of great cruelty. In 37 A.D. he was assasinated.
His successor and the next of the Julio claudians rulers being Caligula (A.D. 37-41) who had a short reign, Suetonius tells us he is a mad man, probably mentally unstable. To prove this we hear he made his horse a council and is said to have shoveled gold dust off castle. He declared himself a god and lopped off a statue of God's head and was stabbed to death because of it in 41 A.D.
The next to come into power was Claudius A.D. 41-54
He was the least likely candidate to be Caesar as he was a book worm and a scholar. He became part of a lot of jokes and in 43 A.D. he initiated roman conquest of Britain which was probably his greatest accomplishment. It is believed he was probably assasinated by his last wife.
The last of the Julio claudians and probably the worst was Nero A.D. 54-68 who murdered his mother, killed his aunt who raised him, was cruel and had a strict way of doing things, and set Rome on fire. When his army rebelled his rule he fled, but he did also blame the fire on the Christian's.