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In contrast to a centralized system, a client/server design separates applications and data.​

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When developing e-business systems, an in-house solution usually requires a _____ for a company that must adapt quickly in a dynamic ecommerce environment.​

greater initial investment and provides less flexibility

greater initial investment but provides more flexibility

smaller initial investment but provides less flexibility

smaller initial investment and provides more flexibility
When an individual user works in _____, the workstation performs all the functions of a server by storing, accessing, and processing data as well as providing a user interface.​ safe mode stand-alone mode mission-critical mode quirks modestand-alone mode_____ is the amount of data that can be transferred in a fixed time period.​ Dimensionality Resolution Topology BandwidthBandwidthMost companies resolved the problems of stand-alone computing by joining clients into a _____ that allows sharing of data and hardware resources.​ wide area network (WAN) local area network (LAN) desk area network (DAN) storage area network (SAN)local area network (LAN)A form of wireless transmission called _____ is very popular for short-distance wireless communication that does not require high power.​ Wi_MAX multipath design Bluetooth Microsoft VisioBluetoothCompany-wide systems that connect one or more local area networks (LANs) or wide area networks (WANs) are called _____.​ web-centric systems distributed systems legacy systems mission-critical systemsdistributed systemsA(n) _____ provides access for customers, employees, suppliers, and the public.​ thick client mainframe architecture corporate portal application servercorporate portalMany companies are extending internal enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to their suppliers and customers, using a concept called _____.​ ​supply chain management (SCM) behavioral management stand-alone computing cloud computing​supply chain management (SCM)At the center of the network is the _____, which manages the network and acts as a communications conduit for all network traffic.​ scale switch log portalswitchA _____ is relatively inexpensive to install and is well-suited to workgroups and users who are not anchored to a specific desk or location.​ wireless local area network (WLAN) metropolitan area network (MAN) storage area network (SAN) local area network (LAN)wireless local area network (WLAN)_____ translates the logical design of an information system into a physical structure that includes hardware, software, network support, and processing methods.​ Multipath design System architecture Legacy data System file checkerSystem architecture_____ describes the way the components in a network interact.​ Engagement topology Interactive topology Logical topology Physical topologyLogical topology_____ is the measure of a system's ability to expand, change, or downsize easily to meet the changing needs of a business enterprise. Scalability Transparency Interoperability RedundancyScalabilityA system design where the server performs all the processing is described as _____.​ workstation architecture cache architecture dataflow architecture mainframe architecturemainframe architectureMany companies had an installed base of data, called _____, which was difficult to access and transport to a client/server environment.​ qualitative data advanced data legacy data primary datalegacy dataA(n) _____ is a web-based repository of information that anyone can access, contribute to, or modify.​ iOS wiki blog portalwiki