sickle cell

The nurse is providing care to a​ 3-year-old client who is receiving treatment for sickle cell disease. The client is at risk for infection. Which medication does the nurse expect to administer to this​ client?
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A client is admitted to the emergency department in a sickle cell crisis. The nurse assesses the client and documents the following clinical​ findings: temperature
saturation of​ 89%, and complaints of severe abdominal pain. Based on the assessment​ findings, which intervention is the greatest​ priority?
An emergency department nurse is caring for a child in sickle cell crisis. The nurse suspects the etiology of the crisis as being thrombotic in nature because of which clinical​ manifestations? Select all that apply.-the client is in extreme pain -the client has a feverA client in sickle cell crisis reports taking a recent skiing trip that caused a respiratory infection from the cold weather. The client reports a pain level of 8 on a pain scale from 1 to 10. Which nursing diagnosis is a priority for this​ client?acute pain