elbow to wrist goniometry

elbow flexion
range: 0-150
axis: lateral epicondyle
forearm supination
range: 0-80
subs- adduction and ext rotation of shoulder
forearm pronation
range: 0-80
subs: abduction and int rotation of the shoulder
wrist (volar) flexion
range: 0-80
mvt : of hand volarly in saggital plane
wrist extension(dorsiflexion)
range: 0-70
ulnar deviation
range: 0-30
mvt of hand toward ulnar side on frontal plane
subs: wrist ext or flex
radial deviation
range: 0-20
mvt of hand toward radial side in frontal plane
subs: wrist ext
MP Flex
range: 0-90
movement of fingers at MP joint in sagittal plane
MP adbuction and adduction
range: no norm