english romeo and juliet act 2

How does the conversation between Benvolio and Mercutio reveal that Romeo's friends are not aware that he has met and has fallen in love with Juliet?
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Why has Tybalt sent a letter to Romeo challenging him to a duel?tybalt is still angry that romeo came to the capulet party uninvited.How does Romeo reveal to his friends that he is in a happy frame of mind?romeo is laughing and joking around with themExplain the four ways that Romeo and his friends insult the Nurse when she comes to town to speak to Romeo.they tell her to put a fan over her face, they call her a sail because of her large puffy clothing, they use the word whoar and she thinks that they are calling her a wh*re, and they make fun of how she speaksWhat excuse does Romeo tell the Nurse that Juliet should use in order to be permitted to go to see Friar Lawrence so they can be married?romeo tells the nurse that juliet should say she has to go to confession at friar lawrence'sHow long has Juliet been waiting for the Nurse to return from speaking to Romeo?juliet has waited for three hoursExplain why Juliet is so frustrated by the Nurse when she finally returns.she is annoyed that the nurse took so long to return and that the nurse is out of breath, so she can't tell juliet the details right away.What object has been given to the Nurse so that Romeo can climb up into Juliet's bedroom so they can spend the night together?a rope ladderWhy do you think Shakespeare chose not to include the actual wedding ceremony in the script of the play?he probably didn't think the details would add much to the play and he probably thought that the audience would get boredWhy do you think Friar Lawrence says that he will not let Romeo and Juliet be alone with each other until they are married?friar lawrence saw them kissing very passionately and he feared that they would engage in premarital sex if they were alone together.