Photosynthesis Test Review

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What is the main pigment in plants?chlorophyllWhat type of organism goes through photosynthesis?autotrophsWhat organelle does photosynthesis occur in?chloroplastHow are photosynthesis and cellular respiration similar? (Give 2-3 reasons)energy reactions, exchange gases, both happen in autotrophsHow are photosynthesis and cellular respiration different? (Give 2-3 reasons)Photosynthesis Happens in chloroplast Reactants: Carbon dioxide and water Products: sugar and oxygen Cell Respiration happens in mitochondria Reactants: sugar and oxygen products: carbon dioxide and waterHow do plants use the sugar produced during photosynthesis?for food, to go through cell respiration to make ATP, to grow, to build more plantUsing your knowledge of light, energy, and plants, explain why the following statement is incorrect, "Plants are green and therefore grow best under green light."plants are green because they reflect green light. If they reflect green light, they do not absorb it and would not get any of the green light's energy. Since plants get no energy from green light, they would grow the worst under green light.Explain how we (humans) indirectly use the energy from the sun?Humans are heterotrophs, so we have to eat to get food to get energy. The food we eat got its energy from the sun.If all autotrophs stopped going through photosynthesis, what would happen the cellular respiration?if photosynthesis stopped, then cell respiration would stop too because the oxygen and sugar needed for it to happen would run out.How do pigments work? (What color(s) would they get the most energy from? What color(s) would they get the least energy from? What happens to the colors we see vs the color(s) we don't see?)Pigments are light absorbing molecules. The light they absorb they get energy from because they absorb their energy too. If they do not absorb the light, they reflect it. If they reflect it, they get little to no energy from it. The color we see the pigment from is the color that is reflected; all the other colors are absorbed, so the color we see it as would actually give it the least amount of energy.