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Instructional designers typically employ models

"the main goal of any instructional..."
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Merck, in fact, -core values and a sense of purpose beyond just making money Several factors can contribute to long-term organizational success. one is the establishment of a core ideology that Collins and Porras (2002)word for wordthe philosophical position known as constructivism the philosophical position known as constructivismword for wordBecause computer systems exhibit performative intelligence, we can teach the, --other media such as books According to Frick (1997) computer systems demonstrate performativeword for wordLearning is a complex set of processes that may vary according to the developmental level of the learner A learning theory is made up of a set of constructs linking observed changesword for wordWhile most tutors saw a value in using games, as 'good for visual/kinesthetic According to Freitas (2006), games can support the learning stylesword for wordin a complex task such as creating a website for learning, instructors may want to support the - may create a social context where learners Increased availability of technology in my classroom makes it easier for peer feedback activitiesthis is not maybe paraphrasethe technological tools available today for creating computer-based learning materials are incredibly more powerful than those introduced just a few years ago. Computers are so powerful that K-12 educators and students are now able to produce their own multimedia and Web-based learning materialsparaphrase