flower structure and reproduction

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plants that bear flowers and fruits


part of branch on which a flower forms


leaf like - surround/protect flower before it blooms, modified leaves, under ovary


colorful part to attract insects - even mice birds and bats

methods of pollination

carried by insects or animals, or wind


MALE: anther (produces pollen)
filiment (supports the anther)


FEMALE: fused together to form a pistil, which has three parts


sticky, where pollen attackes


long tube attaches stigma to ovary - sperm travels down it!


ovules stored here - until fertilized
can only fertilize same species - sepcial chemical to prevent it!


pollen from anther fertilizes eggs on same flower


pollen is transferred to the stigma of an entirely different plant


fertilized ovules - develop into fruit


any structure that encloses and protects a seed
petals fall off, ovary is left behid, develops into fruit

sexual reproduction

pollen - anther to stigma

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