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Which term means data is scrambled, mixed up, or changed in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot read it; however, the person receiving the data can descramble it.
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Which of the following was developed as a secure replacement for Telnet?SSH (Secure shell)Which term refers an encrypted link between two programs on two separate computers?TunnelWhich type of network is created when you use encrypted tunnels between a computer or a remote network and a private network through the Internet?VPNWhat OSI model layer supports PPTP?Data LinkWhich tools are tunneling protocols?PPTP and L2TPA type of VPN connection, where a single computer logs into a remote network and becomes, for all intents and purposes, a member of that network, is commonly called a(n) __________ to siteWhich proprietary Cisco protocol was combined with PPTP to create the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)?L2FA __________ VPN deals with a specific single connection between two machines using VPN software or to hostWhich type of network enables you to segment a physical network into multiple discreet networks without adding additional hardware?Virtual local area network (VLAN)Which trunk standard enables you to connect switches from different manufacturers?802.1QWhich three states can be applied to switches using VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)?Transparent, server, and clientAnother name for port bonding is __________.port aggregationWhich protocol is the Cisco protocol for accomplishing aggregation?Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP)Which term refers to the capability of a switch to copy data from any or all physical ports on a switch to a single physical port?Port mirroringHow many layers does the OSI model contain?7Which two parts are included in a MAC address?The Organizationally Unique Identifier and the device ID of the NICWhich layer of the OSI model adds source and destination MAC addresses to frames?Data LinkFrames in most wired networks hold at most __________.1500 bytes of dataHow are incoming frames handled by a switch?The frames are sent only to the NIC that has the destination MAC address.Which of the following is a broadcast MAC address?FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FFWhich layer of the OSI model is the only layer divided into two sublayers?Data LinkWhich OSI model layer initializes requests for packets that were not received in good order?TransportWhich statement best describes an Application Programming Interface?It provides programmers with a standard way to extend an applications capabilities.Routers function at which layer of the TCP/IP model?InternetWhich layer of the TCP/IP model performs IP addressing functions?InternetWhich layer of the TCP/IP model is mapped to the top three layers of the OSI model?ApplicationWhich first generation network topology used a single cable that connected all the computers in a line?BusWhich first generation network topology provided fault tolerance?StarWhat statement describes the advantage of fault tolerance?If one cable break, all of the other computers can still communicate.Which type of cable is described as a central conductor wire that is surrounded by insulating materials and placed inside a braided metal shield?coaxialWhich cable type suffers most from electromagnetic interference (EMI)?UTPWhat is the minimum category rating of UTP cabling you would need for a network that runs at 1000 Mbps?CAT 5eCat ratings are officially rated in __________, indicating the highest frequency the cable can handle.megahertz (MHz)Which type of cable works best for long-distance transmissions?Fiber-opticIn response to the demand for two-pair cabling, manufacturers often connect two fibers together to create __________ fiber-optic cabling.duplexWhich fire cable rating has no significant fire protection?Cable with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ratingTo reduce fire hazards, most city ordinances require the use of __________ cable for network installations.plenumA __________ cable that uses LEDs is known as multimode fiber (MMF).fiber-opticIn a specification such as 10BaseT, what does the word "base" identify?The signal typeWhich type of cabling does the 10BaseT standard specify?UTPHow many pins does an RJ-45 connector have?8How many pairs of wires in a cable did a 10BaseT device actually use?2What is an advantage of fiber-optic cabling over Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)?It has a longer maximum distance.Which standard specified multimode cabling?10Base FLA __________ is a special Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) frame that switches use to communicate with other switches to prevent loops from happening in the first place.bridge protocol data unit (BPDU)Configuration bridge protocol data units (BPDUs) establish the topology, where one switch is elected ______________ and acts as the center of the STP universe.root bridgeWhich mechanism will move a port into a root-inconsistent state if BPDUs coming from a certain direction indicate another switch is trying to become the root bridge?root guardIf every node on the network connects to the same switch, that switch becomes a(n) ____________________—if it fails, everybody drops off the network.single point of failure____________________ ports enable you to connect two hubs using a straight-through cable.UplinkWhich term refers to the 100-Mbps standards, even though there are now newer versions of Ethernet available?Fast EthernetIn 100BaseT, what is the maximum number of nodes per hub/switch?1024The specification for 100BaseTX (100BaseT) calls for UTP cabling using __________ or better rated cabling.Cat 5What type of fiber-optic cabling and connectors does a 100BaseFX network use?Multimode with ST or SC connectorsWhich version of Gigabit Ethernet is published under the 802.3ab standard?1000BaseTThe different colors of the laser signals feature different __________.wavelengthsWhat is the most common connector used in a 1000BaseSX network?LCWhat version of Gigabit Ethernet is being positioned as the Ethernet backbone of the future?1000BaseLXOf all the Gigabit Ethernet IEEE standards detailed in the chapter, which one maintains a signal over the greatest distance?1000BaseLXWhich very high-speed fiber network was already in place and being used for wide area networking (WAN) transmissions, before the IEEE developed the 10 GbE Ethernet standards?SONETWhat type of fiber-optic cable is used in a 1000BaseLX network?Single-mode fiberWhich switch and network equipment modular transceivers have replaced gigabit interface converters (GBICs) as the modular connector of choice?Small form-factor pluggable (SFP)What is the de facto protocol suite of the Internet?TCP/IPWhat is the range of decimal values in each of the four groups of an IPv4 address?0 - 255Which protocol is connection-oriented?TCPWhich port is used to receive e-mail messages from e-mail servers (IMAP4)?143Which protocol do Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) use?UDPWhich IP address is valid for an individual host expressed in dotted decimal notation? long is a subnet mask?32 bitsWhich statement about subnet masks is true? A zero in the subnet mask indicates part of the network ID. The last eight digits of every subnet mask must be all ones. All machines on the same network have the same subnet mask. The subnet mask length must be the length of the IP address minus two.All machines on the same network have the same subnet mask.IANA has grown dramatically and now oversees five __________ that parcel out IP addresses to large ISPs and major corporations.RIRs - Regional Internet RegistriesIf the first decimal value of an IP address is between 128 and 191, to what IP class does the network belong?Class BA Class C network block uses the __________ octets to define only the network ID.first threeWhich method of sending a packet allows every computer on the LAN to hear the message?BroadcastWhich form of NAT typically handles the one-to-many connections?Port Address Translation (PAT)__________ maps a single routable (that is, not private) IP address to a single machine, enabling you to access that machine from outside the network.Static NATYour company has a single server on a private LAN that it wants to make accessible from the Internet. Which of the following would give the server the protection of NAT, while allowing access to that server from the Internet?Port forwardingWhich routing metric refers to the ability of a connection to handle more data than others?bandwidthWhich routing metric determines the largest frame a particular technology can handle?MTU - Maximum Transfer UnitWhich protocol is a path vector routing protocol?BGP - Border Gateway ProtocolWhich routing protocol does not support Variable-Length Subnet Masking (VLSM)?RIPv1The protocol used by Autonomous Systems to communicate with each other is generically called a(n) __________.Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP)Which routing protocol is the choice in most large enterprise networks?OSPF Open Shortest Path FirstWhich protocol is a link state dynamic routing protocol?IS-ISWhich protocol was originally a Cisco proprietary protocol?EIGRPBy convention, what is the name given to Area ID 0 (zero) of an Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) network?BackboneWhich protocol is popular for moving files between computers on the same LAN, where the chances of losing packets are very small?TFTPWhich protocol does the ping application use?ICMPUsing the ping command, which message is displayed if your computer has no route to the address listed?Destination host unreachableMany years ago, the ping command had a bug that allowed malicious users to send malformed ping packets to a destination causing the __________ of deathA particular multicast called an IGMP group is assigned an address in which class range?Class DWhat name is given to the port numbers in the range of 0 to 1023?Well known port numbersWhich term refers to ports in the 49152 to 65535 range?Dynamic portWhich type of port has a number in the 1024 to 49151 range?registered portWhich switch is used with the Windows netstat utility to show name of a running program?-bWhich free Web server was originally created for the UNIX/Linux platforms, but now runs on multiple operating systems (including Windows)?Apache HTTP ServerGoogle Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are examples of __________ applications.web clientWhich protocol is the secure counterpart of HTTP?HTTPSWithin the DNS hierarchy, which term refers to the DNS servers just below the DNS root?Top-level domain serversWhich statement is true about DNS root servers? They handle all the name resolution tasks of the Internet. They are directly below the top-level domain server. They delegate name resolution to other DNS servers. They do not know any IP addresses.They delegate name resolution to other DNS servers.What UDP port do DNS servers primarily use?53How many powerful DNS server clusters, scattered all over the world, does the DNS root contain?13In comparing the DNS name space to a computer's file system, a domain is like __________.a folderIn the DNS naming convention, what character(s) separate(s) a domain name from its subdomains?Period (.)In the DNS naming convention, what is the correct sequence for writing a fully qualified domain name (FQDN)?Host.domain.rootWhat entry is made at the command prompt in UNIX/Linux to display DNS server information?cat /etc/resolv.confWhat information is kept in the cached lookups folder for a DNS server?The IP addresses already resolvedOn an authoritative DNS server, which storage areas hold the IP addresses and FQDNs for the computers in a domain?Forward lookup zonesWhat enables a system to determine an FQDN by knowing the IP address?Reverse lookup zonesWhich protocol enables DNS servers to get automatic updates of IP addresses of computers in their forward lookup zones, mainly by talking to the local DHCP server?Dynamic DNSIf you needed a network that would provide for 200 hosts, how many host bits would you have to have?8What is the broadcast of /27? two of the IP addresses below are network IDs? /24 /25 /26 /27176.16.100.64 /26 /27What is the network ID of /24? is the increment if your subnet mask is you needed to create 15 subnets for a Class C network, how many host bits would you have to borrow?4