Mammalian Features

20 terms by Samba264

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turns into keratin



Horn (not true)

hair-like filaments cemented together

True Horn

Bone core surrounded by hair filaments


Solid bone


Nourish young

Ear bones

malleus, incus, stapes. Derived from jaw


Maintain body temp. different from environment

Types of Glands

Eccrine, Apocrine, Sebaceous, Mammary Glands.

Eccrine Gland

Evaporative Cooling

Apocrine Gland

Scent producing. Many functions.

Sebaceous Gland

Sebum. pliable, glossy hair

Mammary Glands

nourishment (water, carbs, fat, protein, minerals, antibodies).


Whole foot




Tips of toes

Difference between Placental and Marsupial Mammals

Development of Young, Epipubic bones, egnostrated palate, marsupial shelf.

homeodont teeth

No diversity.


Diversity in tooth form and function


Gap between incisors and premolars. Herbivore.

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