What is the initial phase in application of quality improvement steps to a clinical performance problem?
a) Analysis
b) Assessment
c) Test and implement the improvement plan
d) Develop a plan for improvement
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To effectively influence improvements in the work setting and ensure that all patients consistently receive excellent care, it is important to do what?
a) Alight national, organizational, and unit level goals for QI
b) Recognize external drivers of quality
c) Develop skills to apply QI models and tools
d) Review previous attainment of predetermined standards
increased effectiveness in the organization's resources to enhance patient satisfactioncustomer focus/patient focuspeople are eager to participate in and contribute to continual improvementinvolvement of peopleimproved confidence amound key stakeholders as to the organization's consistency, effectiveness and efficiencysystem approach to managementimproved patient loyalty leading to repeat businesscustomer focus/patient focusincreased ability to review, challenge, and change opinions and decisionsfactual approach to decision makingAlignment of improvement activities at all levels to an organization's strategic intentcontinual improvementInnovation of creativity further the organization's objectivesinvolvement of peopleActivities are evaluated, aligned and implemented in a unified wayleadershipFlexibility to react quickly to opprotunitiescontinual improvementpeople are accountable for own performanceinvolvement of peopleperformance advantage through improved organizational capabilitiescontinual improvementfocused and prioritized improvement opprotunitiesprocess approachincreased ability to demonstrate past decisions' effectiveness through reference to factual recordsfactual approach to decision makingintegration and alignment of processes that will best achieve desired resultssystem approach to managementlower costs and shorter cycle times through effective use of resourcesprocess approachinformed decisionsfactual approach to decision makingflexibility and speed of joint responses to changing market or customer needs and expectationsmutually beneficial supplier relationshipsimproved, consistent and predictable resultsprocess approachability to focus effort on the key processessystem approach to managmentoptimization of costs and resourcesmutually beneficial supplier relationships