CD 224 final part 3

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The pulmonary apparatus and chest wall are connected by _____ _____.
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The ____ ____ is the only floating bone in the body that does not articulate directly with another bone.hyoid boneInspirations are _____ and expirations are _____ during running speech breathing compared with resting tidal breathing.faster; slowerWhat is the primary motion of the cricothyroid joints?rotatingIs it efficient or inefficient to take a breath much deeper than is necessary to sustain phonation?inefficientFundamental frequency _____ across infancy and childhood in both boys and girls.decreasesWhen the vocal folds vibrate, the vocal folds are away from the midline at the ____ first and return to midline at the _____ first.bottom; bottomWhat unit(s) is fundamental frequency expressed in?Hertz, Hz, & cycles/secondTo make nasal sounds, the velum ____lowers_______ structures provide the final shaping for the various speech sounds as air flows through the constrictions produced by the structuressupraglottalIf the frequency of the strobe light is slightly different from the frequency of vocal fold vibration, the vocal folds appear to be _____in slow motionWhat are the advantages of the electroglottography (EGG)?It is non-invasive and it is good for measuring fundamental frequency directly from the sourceThe shape of the velum changes when it moves. The farther up and back the velum moves, the more _____ its appearance.hookedThe ____ ____ constitutes the small space between thee gums and teeth internally and the lips and cheeks externallybuccal cavityWhen consonants and vowels are combined in running speech activities, primacy of control of the velopharyngeal-nasal structure is placed in _____ productions in order to appropriately manage airstream for consonants so that speech intelligibility of consonants cannot be damagedconsonantsmong the muscles of the velum, the _______ muscle pulls the velum downward and forward.glossopalatineWhat is the only intrinsic muscle of the velum?uvulusWhich part of the tongue faces the back of the pharynx and front of the epiglottis?rootVertical movements of the ____ can lengthen and shorten the pharyngeal tube.larynxWhich constrictors pull the pharyngeal walls inward and forward to constrict the pharyngeal tube?superior, middle, inferiorA nasalized vowel can be produced during running speech production because of adjacent _____ consonants.nasal_____ is a branch of physics and involves the study of soundacousticsIn the psychological sense, a ____ is an auditory experience.sound______ refers to when the molecules are pushed closed together; they are said to be condensed.compressionEach diphthong has a characteristic ______ patternF1-F2Are tongue height and tongue advancement very accurate descriptors of tongue position?no_____ vowels are produced with greater muscle contraction and are longer than ___ vowelstense; laxWhen producing ____ vowels, the velum goes up and gets closer to the posterior wall compared to ___ vowels.high; lowWhat are supraglottal immovable structures?Hard palate, alveolar ridge, upper teeth_____ movements of the sides of the pharyngeal walls are primarily accomplished with the inferior and middle constrictors.inwardWhen the sustained sounds /a/, /z/, and /n/ are produced, among which is more likely to be involved in making the velum hooked than the others?/z/