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Marketing plan elements
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Segmented Marketingif you cover different audiences with different products , you'll be doing this (cover different areas with different products)Account-based marketing or Industry based marketing-if you are targeting only specific company or industries (targeting only specific companies or industries)four brand awareness strategiesMedia relations Analyst relations Public relations Programs Social MediaMedia relationsconduct continuous outreach to the media, including thought leadership campaigns, product announcements, and pitches around editorial calendars.Analyst relationsKeep key analysts informed of your corporate and product activities in news, even if you are not a client, particularly if you sell to companies that read their research - analysts are a key influencer of your prospects.Public relations ProgramsPromote the thought leadership of your company by developing an awards submission program, a byline submission program, a speaking opportunity submission program, an executive speakers Bureau , an industry sponsorship program , and a customer advocacy program.Social MediaCreate and execute a thoughtful, relevant social media program that includes social promotion, participation, and listening so that you maximize the usage of this channel to your company's best advantage.LinkedInthe most preferred B2B social network platformsteps in lead management process1. Leads 2. MQL (marketing qualifying leads) 3. SAL (sales accepted leads) 4. SQL (sales qualified leads) 5. SQO (sales qualifying opportunities) 6. Closed BusinessLeadsdemand generation program (advertising content, marketing emails)MQL (marketing qualifying leads)qualification process (scoring and grading) -- meet minimum criteriaSAL (sales accepted leads)further vetted by business development reps/ insider sales teamSQL (sales qualified leads)stay in sales to be workedSQO (sales qualifying opportunities)will lead into closed businessClosed Businessnew customersthe two ways B2B companies tell their story through contentFrom your perspective From your visitor's perspectiveseven brand awareness channelsEmail marketing Websites Mobile Content marketing Trade shows and events Direct mail AdvertisingEmail marketingincludes in-house email marketing, email marketing to a rented list, email marketing through a third-party publisherWebsites(Design considerations, Blogging, Landing pages, SEO, Minimizing friction and anxiety, Establishing authority)Mobile(Use a responsive design, Create mobile-specific sites, Target mobile visitors and specific devices using experimentation tool, and serve them only mobile-read content, Build a mobile app (especially for transactional sites))Content marketing(Strategy first, because there are so many categories Videos, Podcasts, Blogging, Webinars)Trade shows and events(Before the show, During the show, After the show, Events)Direct mail(Offer, Packaging, Creative treatment, and production, Lists, Test your direct mail)Advertising(Paid search, Targeted Display, Retargeting/remarketing, Social advertising, Content syndication, Print display)company brand personality· How to speak to your customers · The tone of voice you use The image and style linked to your brandBrand personality is important becausePoint of difference Unique vantage point ResonanceTop-down approachpercentage of sales or percentage of revenueBottom-up approachcampaign and cost per acquisitionbasic formula for marketing ROITotal number of impressions across all marketing vehicles x average response rate = number of leads generated x lead-to-close ratio = number of net new customers x annual customer value = revenue - total marketing expenses = company's ROI Marketing sourced revenue - marketing expenses = marketing ROI10 ways to increase customer retention and loyalty1. Send regular emails 2. Recognize customers good work publicly 3. Create an online gated community 4. gain customer feedback 5. Assign members of your executive team to key customers 6. Invite your customers to follow you on social media 7. Discuss consumer viability ability to work successfully. 8. Hold regular check-in meetings 9. Invite clients to field events 10. Create an annual user conferenceFunctional Brand personality storyEducation and information Customer service Products offers / competitionsEmotional Brand personality storyHumor Passion Thought leaders Exciting Reactive TopicalEssential Brand personality storyPrices Promotions Locations Availability / distribution