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All of the following VMware adapted as core attributes of a virtual machine to an x86-based target platform except ___
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The VMware configuration file that has settings saved in a plain text format uses the ___ extension.VMXStandard PCs support only ____ primary disk partitions, no matter how big the disk is.fourAll of the following are examples of type 2 hypervisor except:Xen 1.0There are four supported protection modes or rings, current operating systems use which of the following:Ring 3, Ring 0What normally happens on CPUs without VT when the operating system running on top of the hypervisor (which thinks it is in kernel mode) executes an instruction that is allowed only when the CPU really is in kernel mode?The instruction fails and the operating system crashesAll of the following are advantages of virtual machines except:easy hardware crash recoveryA type ____ hypervisors is considered running on the bare metal.1When it come to I/O deices, the hypervisor can take the role of a virtual switch making it possible that each virtual machine has a ____ addressmedia access controlhandle interrupts, processes, scheduling, and interprocess communicationMicrokernelsWhen a module is loaded in each virtual machine as a pseudo device driver that talks to the hypervisor it is known asballooning