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secretes excess glucose molecules
the urinary system does all of the following, except that it
the ureters
urine is carried to the urinary bladder by
bundles of tissue that lie between pyramids and extend from the renal cortex toward the renal sinus
renal columns are
renal arterty
interlobar artery
arcuate artery
cortical radiate artery
afferent arteriole
efferent arteriole
peritubular capillary
the following is a list of the blood vessels that carry blood to the kidney
renal corpuscle
the process of filtration occurs at the
each of the following is a normal constituent of urine, except
the loop of henle
the ability to form a concentrated urine depends on the functions of
the ------- is the medial aspect of the kidney where the renal artery and vein enter and exit the kidney
approximately 50 percent of the waste products
the cells of the proximal convoluted tubule normally reabsorb all of the following, except
produce a concentration gradient that will allow the nephron to produce a hypotonic filtrate
the role of countercurrent multiplication in the kidney is to
the ureters and urinary bladder are lined by ------- epithelium.
there is increased activity of the parasympathetic motor neurons that control the detrusor muscle
during the micturition reflex
24 mm Hg/ other possible answer require subtraction
find the net glomerular filtration pressure with a glomerular pressure of 69 mm Hg, a pressure in the capsular space of 15 mm Hg, and a plasma osmotic pressure is 30 mm Hg.
sodium and chloride ions are actively transported out of the ascending limbhttp://quizlet.com/create_set/
in the loop of henle
there is an increased permeability of the membrane of the renal collecting ducts to water
in response to high plasma osmolarity
juxtamedullary nephrons
nephrons close to the medulla with loops of henley that extend deep into the renal pyramids are called
the principle cation in intracellular fluid is
result in a temporary increase in blood volume
consuming a meal high in salt will
osmoreceptors are stimulated
when the amount of sodium ion in extracellular fluid increases,
calcium reabsorption by the kidneys is promoted by the hormone
large amounts of chloride ions are lost each day in the urine
each of the following statements concerning chloride ions is true, except
peripheral vasoconstriction
acidosis can cause all of the following, except
body retains more carbon dioxide
in response to respiratory alkalosis, the
respiratory acidosis
a person with emphysema will exhibit signs of
all of the above
to survive, humans must maintain a normal volume and composition of
which hormone plays a role in determining the rate of sodium absorption and potassium loss?
which hormone affects the osmotic concentration
a, b, c
angiotensin II produces a coordinated elevation in the ECF volume by
increased thirst
dehydration will cause
kidneys excete more hydrogen ions
when the ph of the extracelluar fluid declines, the
decreased respiration rate
in response to a rapid increase of organic acids in the body, you would except to observe all of the following, except