Exam 3 Questions

How many lice species in horses do we find in Oklahoma?
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Which of the following pathogens is NOT primarily transmitted by ticks?all are transmitted by ticksWhich CAFO pathogen utilizes wild reservoirs like bison and elk?Brucella abortaThe feeding punctures of sheep keds, causes a condition known as _________ in tanned goat hides.cockleThe best method of stable fly control for pastured cattle is:sanitationFace flies overwinter as __________ and seek out the same ____________.adults and hibernaculumA face fly has a calcified pupae that _____________________.prevents parasitizationWhat is the main difference between Summer and Dairy Mastitis?summer mastitis is only found in non-lactating animalsWhich pest can transmit both Sweet itch in Horses as well as the blue-tongue virus in cattle and sheep?biting midgesBeef producers lose millions of dollars due to arthropod pests by:all contribute to lossesWhich tick species has been documented to cause tick paralysis in cattle?American dog tickWhich of the following diseases in the poultry industry does NOT have a zoonotic potential?Marek's diseaseSheep keds belong to which order?dipteraChickens eat anything moving in front of them. This makes them particularly susceptible to pathogen infection via which type of transmission?trophic transmissionMyiasis refers to:Infestation of host tissues by fly maggotsWhich pest is not in CAFOs?horse fliesWhich mite mainly occurs on the forefeet or under the dewclaws of goats?Chorioptic scab miteIn pastured systems, where is the preferred breeding habitat for stable flies?all are preferred by stable fliesWhich of the following ticks causes "gotch ear" in pastured cattle?gulf coast tickWhich tick species does not feed as adults?spinose ear tickThe fowl tick is:all of the aboveSheep have a pest that goats generally do not. What pest group do wool maggots belong?blow fly larvaeWhere would you find developing horse and deer fly larvae?in semi aquatic environments, such as pond or stream banksThe major insect involved in the transmission of Salmonella to poultry is the:litter beetleWhat are the two best methods of managing ticks in a pastured system:Short term pasture rotation (< 2 months) and systemic acaricide applicationSwine Pox is transmitted by:liceBot fly larvae are found in:horse's stomachEating under cooked pork infected with Trichnella spiralis causes:TrichinosisWhich louse can be seen without magnification?Hog louse______________ is used to deter fly strike in sheep.crutchingWhat is NOT true about horn flies?They are larger than house and stable flies