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Custom set for the study of DSST Civil War


(N) Grant vs. (S) Pemberton
Result(s): Union victory
split Confederacy in half


(N) Meade vs. (S) Lee
More men fought and died than in any other battle before or since on North American soil.
Picket's (CSA) charge on Cemetery Hill
Results: Union victory (& battered CSA morale)

Picket's charge

Confederate charge to the Union line that resulted in heavy casualties for the South, General Lee's biggest mistake

20th Maine

a combat unit of the United States Army during the American Civil War, most famous for its defense of Little Round Top at the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg.

Joshua Chamberlain

Union commander of the 20th Maine,
he achieved fame during the Battle of
Gettysburg for his defense of
Little Round Top

General Meade

Union general,thin,tough, and quick tempered, wasn't afraid of Robert Lee, led Union Army in Gettsburg

General Hooker

Union general suffered a crippling defeat by Lee at the Battle of Chancellorsville. Meade had relieved him from command of the Union troops just 3 days before Gettysburg.

1864 election

Lincoln vs. McClellan (who once commanded union army)


Sherman's destination when he left Atlanta,

'The Great Barbeque'

name for the appropriations that facilitated in particular the building of railroads. The North profited disproportionately from these appropriations (from 1865-1873 out of a total of $103m, only $9.5m went to the South

'Sherman's Sentinels'

chimneys were all that was left standing in ravaged south

General Forrest

Confederate leader who outsmarted Colonel Streight


Federal troops under Sherman cut off the railroads and burned the city

Shenandoah valley

Grant sent Sheridan to burn this region in Virginia which led to Washington D.C. this farm region was used to feed the Confederate troops.Between Atlanta and Savannah

Sherman's March to the Sea

the campaign began with troops leaving the captured city of Atlanta, Georgia, on November 15, 1864, and ended with the capture of the port of Savannah on December 22.

Cold Harbor

(N) Grant and Meade vs. (S) General Robert E. Lee
Abandoned safety @ Richmond, tried to shift army & threaten Petersburg.
Result(s): Confederate victory
Grant regrets


(N) Grant and Meade vs. General Robert E. Lee
Grant didn't retreat as other Union generals before him - advanced toward crossroads of Spotsylvania Courthouse
Result(s): Inconclusive (Grant continued his offensive.)
1st battle between these 2 generals


(N) Grant and Meade vs. (S) General Robert E Lee
Grant disengaged and continued his advance on Richmond.
Result(s): Inconclusive

Shenandoah Valley campaign

(N) Sheridan vs. (S) Early
includes new market
crops supported army.
Trench warfare by Grant (major birth of new military tactic)
Led to eventual surrender of Petersburg (another Confederate supply location), and eventual surrender @ Appomattox)
Union won


(N) Sheridan vs. (S) Early
1) destroy Early's army by outmaneuvering
2) Take or destroy enemy's supplies (esp. food).
More lives would be lost if war was prolonged by supplies from the valley than would be lost in the valley itself if Union was able to turn the valley into a desert

Fall of Richmond

(N) Grant v. (S) Lee
attempt to cut off railroad;


Confederate government fled to

Jefferson Davis

served two years in prison for his role in the rebellion.

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