European Chapter Test Review 2021

The change in manufacturing from using human labor to using machines occurred during the
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What caused Nordic countries to become more continental in the 1300s?increased tradeAs a result of Viking invasions,Old Norse evolved as the present-day Nordic language.Which of the following is NOT an example of Northern European countries' tax-funded public welfare programs?strict immigration policiesBecause the governments of Northern European countries fund programs that benefit all residents, they are known aswelfare states.Northern Europe's population patterns have been influenced by the migration of people primarily seeking toescape conflict in their home countries or find work.The political culture in Northern Europe changed in the nineteenth century as new classes of people brought new ideas, ultimately leading todemocracy and independence.In the twenty-first century, migration from Finland has slowed mainly due torelaxed immigration policies and improved economic conditions.Descendants of nomadic peoples who lived in northern Scandinavia for thousands of years are known as theSamiNorthern European countries all have small, open economies with an emphasis onforeign trade.Which of the following is NOT an element of the Nordic model?reduced immigrationThe city-state of Athens was an important part of Greek civilization because it introduced _______________________________the concept of democracy.The Roman Republic was established on the rule of law and _______________________________________the balance of power.The road to political stability was difficult for the countries of Southern Europe due to a _________________________________________long history of invasions.Spain, Italy, and Greece are transitioning ___________________________________to a service economy.In the 1800s and 1900s, small Mediterranean kingdoms and principalities became united under a concept called _______________________nationalism.This is describing the potential impact of Southern Europe's aging population?a strain on social welfare systemsWhich Southern European country has the least developed economy?GreeceStrong government support of education in Southern Europe is reflected in the ______________________________high literacy rate.Industries such as banking, retail and wholesale sales, and health care are examples of Southern Europe's growing ________________________service sectors.Spain's economy has grown since the 1990s due to lower costs of operating factories and _______________________________________a large supply of workers.