Which printing option will expand/reduce your drawing to for the paper.
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A place that gives you quick access to commands that are frequently turned on and off.status barThe shortcut menu is accessed byright clickingThis key allows you to quickly repeat your last barWhich printing option prints everything within your defined paper size?limitsAn arc may be defined by its START, END and .... (circle all that apply)radius, directionA circle may be defined by its CENTER and .... (circle all that apply)Diameter, radiusA relative coordinate is measured relative to the ...last point enteredThe window and tab that you need to access in order to change the drawing area's color?Options-displayThe command that is used to select your unit of measure and precision.unitsA polygon that is drawn on the outside of a circle is said to be ...circumscribedAfter selecting several objects to erase, what command would you type if you wanted to remove an object(s) from the selection set?removeYou know when an object is selected because it becomes ....highlightedWhat letters do you type to indicate that you want to create a temporary track point.ttWhat type of selection window selects everything touching and inside the defined window?crossing windowThe object snap that will not show where the first point of a line is located until the second point is selected.tangentObject snaps not only speed up the drawing process, you cannot draw .... without them unless you enter coordinates.accuratelyThis enables you to snap along angled track lines.polar trackingWhat typed command allows you to change the polar tracking angle.polarangWhat key do you press to cycle through the dynamic input dimensions?tabClicking, and dragging the mouse from right to left produces a ....crossing windowThe grip box options may be accessed by .... on one of the boxes.right clickingClicking and dragging the mouse from left to right produces a ....standard windowThis icon, located in the status bar, allows you to create tracking lines off of object snap points.object snap trackingYou may access the object snap settings by right clicking on the Object Snap icon in the status bar, clicking on the arrow next to the icon, or by typing what command?osnapWhen moving an object using relative coordinates, the first base point may be .... (circle all that apply)the origin. a point on the object. the point that you are moving the object to. any point.When AutoCAD is waiting for you to select an object, the crosshairs turn into a ....pickboxWhat key do you need to hold down if you want to remove an object(s) from the current selection set?shiftWhich is the window and tab where you can access the Autosnap Marker size.options-draftingClicking once on an object, while not currently in a command, access the ..grip boxesThe command used to make a line longer by a prescribed length.lengthenWhat typed command is used to write a block to a file?wblockThe place/window where you can change a layers color, linetype and status.layer properties managerThe space where you see exactly what is going to be printed. (circle all that apply)layout, paperWhat layer property controls an entity's printed width?colorPhantom lines are used to indicate .... (Circle all that apply.)alternate positions. repeated detail. related parts. change in surface direction.The thickest line type on a non-sectioned orthographic projection.visibleTo change the line type scale of an individual object, you must enter the .... window.propertiesA grouping of objects that may be reused.blockThe construction layer is used to create projection lines. When the orthographic projection is complete, we do not need these lines anymore. The easiest way to not show the projections lines is to turn the construction layer to the ________ state.offThe layer you are drawing on is said to be ....currentThe typed command that is used to control the length of the dashes and spaces of the different line types.ltscaleIn the United States, 1st angle projection is used as the standardfalseThe front and right side views aligned horizontally.trueThe command used to break a block up into its individual components.explodeHidden lines are used to indicate ...edges and boundaries that you cannot see.The view that generally shows the most characteristics of the part and contains the least number of hidden lines.frontLines occurring on a LOCKED or OFF layer may not be selected. The OFF layer status still allows you to see the lines.falseCenter lines are used to indicate .... (Circle all that apply.)axes of symmetry. paths of motion. circles of center.The typed command used to edit existing text.ddeditTo indicate line importance we draw lines using different line ....thicknessDimensions generally take the form of ... (Circle all that apply.)angular dimensions notes linear dimensionsThe following dimension a chamfer dimension. 2X 45ofalseA reference dimension is given within ....bracketsDimension text should be aligned ...horizontallyNon-critical inch dimensions usually have .... decimal places.2A radius or diameter dimension leader should always point to the ... of the arc or circle.centerThe name of the command that allows you to apply any changes made to the current dimension style.updateA dimension type that does not have associativity.multileaderLeader lines should not be ... (Circle all that apply.)horizontal curved verticalNon-critical mm dimensions usually have .... decimal places. (Circle all that apply.)0,1Dimension and extension lines are thin so that they will not be mistaken for .... lines.visibleThe typed command used to force dimension text between the extension lines.dimtixThe diameter of a hole is given in the circular viewtrueA dimension that is linked to and will change with the geometry is ...associativeDimensioning hidden lines under some circumstances is allowed.falseThe ribbon panel that contains commands that allow you to add and remove an annotative object's supported scales.annotation scalingA detailed drawing is an orthographic projection with .... (Circle all that apply.)dimensionsDatum dimensioning is preferred over continuous dimensions because it ...reduces dimensioning timeThe name of the window used to create and modify dimension styles.dimension style managerX is the symbol used for repeated features. What else is this symbol used for?chamferThis option allows you to change the settings of your current dimension style and apply those changes.modifyThe type of fit that provides running performance with suitable lubrication. (Choose all that apply)rcIn a metric fit designation, what does the number represent?tolerance zoneThis type of clearance fit is good for large temperature variations. (Choose all that apply)H9/d9 D9/h9If -0.001 is typed into the lower value field, then 0.001 will be ... to/from the basic size.addedA fit that sometimes leaves a space between the mating parts.transitionThe type of fit that is intended only to locate mating parts. (Choose all that apply)LC LT LNWhat are some of the factors that influences tolerance choice? (Circle all that apply.)cost manufacturing capability design intent materialCircle the three different types of tolerances that you may find on a drawing.Block Plus-minus limitThis option allows you to change the settings of your current dimension style and apply those changes without corrupting the original style.overrideThis type of tolerancing is convenient because a design may be initially drawn and dimensioned using basic minus dimensionA fit that always leaves space between the mating parts.clearanceThis type of tolerancing applies a tolerance to all dimensions not covered by some other tolerance type.block toleranceThe type of fit that provides constant bore pressure. (Choose all that apply)fnThis type of dimension has the advantage of providing the print reader with the allowable variation without any calculation.limit dimensionThe fit that never leaves a space between the mating parts.interferenceit is possible to machine a part to an exact size.falseIn a metric fit designating, what does the letter represent?fundamental deviationThis type of locational fit is good for assemblies that need to be freely assembled and disassembled. (Choose all that apply)H7/h6This dimension was created using the ... tolerancing method. 10.0 (+0.1, -0.1)symmetricalHatches will change size based on the viewport scale. This makes them ...annotativeThe typed command used to create section lines.hatchCutting plane line linetype.phantom