To what does the term Upcycling refer?
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Separating wasteconservationBuying and eating local foods in seasonconservationNatural gas frackingconsumptionUsing the flow of a river to generate electricityconservationThe speaker in the film "Living Climate Change" states that countries are moving towards reduce carbon emissions by at least ______ percent by 205080%The Cradle-to-Cradle Design concept was inspired by nature.trueWhat is Life Cycle Assessment?The systemic analysis of the environmental impact of products during their entire life cycleWhich TWO of the following are NOT sustainable energy sources?-natural gas -coalUnderstanding from where materials are sourced and where they go after used is important to design professionals.trueWhich of the following are examples of Micro-sustainability strategies?-Voting for climate change legislation -Planting trees -Patronizing businesses that recycle -Cleaning trash along waterwaysTo which TWO items does the term "green roof" refer?-Roofs that capture rainwater -Roofs designed with plant materialsWhat is a SYSTEM?An assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex or unitary wholeIn which building type did Evidence-Based Design originate?hospitalsAwareness of environmental problems is a recent issue that has only come to government awareness in the past couple of years.falseThe United Nations and the Environmental Protection Agency are examples of what type of sustainable strategy?-Macro-sustainabilitybeliefs or customs instituted and maintained by societies are:traditionsDesigning for equity starts by:examining systems that unfairly privilege some over othersGlobalization has accelerated since the 18th century due to advances in:-communication -transportationWhich of the following are principles of Human-Centered Design?-Find the right problem -Focus upon the people -Always validate your design decisions -Think of everything as a systemWhat are some of the advantages of standardization?-Mass production of components at low cost -Easier to follow codes and standards -Easy availability of parts for replacement and maintenance -Less time and effort required to manufactureDesign does not play a significant role in reinforcing the inequities that can be found in a societyfalsedesign is inseparable from economics, politics, and public opiniontrueDesign reflects the values and beliefs of a society but does not stem from them.false