Final Exam Review EDPY210

Children typically try to assimilate before they accommodate to a new situation.
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Students in American schools do better working independently than either cooperatively or competitively.NoSlavin emphasizes task structure more than reward structure in cooperative learning.NoA climate of explicit racism in an organization is more damaging to one's promotion than is a climate of implicit racism.NoLearning something is more likely to require the participation of everyone in a cooperative group than is doing something.YesAttempts to resolve conflicts should begin with larger rather than smaller conflicts.NoWhen students reach the consensus stage of structured controversy, they are likely to be more successful in blending their views than selecting one view over another.YeTeachers design the questions in CWPT, and students construct alternative answers.NoGeneric Peer Tutoring is best used when introducing new material.NoStudents should be given the option of doing an individual task for the same credit as given for a cooperative activity.NoAssertive and aggressive behavior are interchangeable notions.NoKohlberg's stage of Universal Principles involves the possibility of putting other's needs above one's own.YesStatistical probability is used to determine cheating on the Circles test.YesDeep understanding of course content and inclination to cheat tend to be inversely related.YesThe most accurate way to determine the occurrence of inappropriate behavior is applied behavior assessment.YesCollege students see grades as more valuable professionally than how much they learn in school.YesAfrican Americans represent an ethnic genetic group least likely to participate in school shootings.YesFact checking website are often too biased to be useful in determining the truthfulness of a political figure's claims.NoScientists have attributed three-fourths of climate change since 1950 to human actions.YesThe melting of snow and ice in the polar regions has yet to show any adverse effects on climate change in the U.S.NoMost students believe that procrastination is risky business.YesUnder the Behavioral model, behavior is more likely to contribute to feelings than vice versa.YesAn intermittent reinforcement schedule is likely to extinguish a behavior established through a continuous reinforcement schedule.NoThe RTI approach has shown greater overall improvement in student outcomes than the discrepancy model.YesDirect instruction is only useful for foundational skills.NoBehaviorists believe that behaviors are strengthened based on what happens before the behaviors.NoExtinction has a much wider range of application in classroom management than does response cost.noEnjoying a warm spring day is representative of intrinsic reinforcement.YesTeaching the steps of long division is better achieved through forward than backward chaining.NoAlphabetic coding is not very achievable without phonemic awareness.YesLFBPE promotes self-esteem better than BFLPE.NoGiving unconditional praise to a student is more likely to elevate a student's self-esteem than highlighting the student's outstanding school work.NoLocus of control represents perceived control over outcome events and self-efficacy perceived control over one's own actions.YesOlder children are more likely than younger children to distinguish between effort and ability as explanations for good school performance.YesBeing optimistic about possible outcomes can sometimes be counter-productive to one's emotional well-being.YesOne of the clearest distinctions between happiness and meaning in life is between taking and giving.YesMarried adults are generally happier than single adults.YesThe Scandinavian countries rank much higher in happiness than does the U.S.YesPlant oils are above fish and chicken on the new food pyramid.NoThe best indicator of fitness is percentage of body fat.NoStress consistently reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of performing a task.NoHeredity best differentiates in an enriched enviormentYesCreativity is the best predictor of adult accomplishmentYesFluency is the dimension of creativity to improve uponYesCritical thinking is the best predictor of exam scores is 210.YesCWPT teachers construct both questions and answersYesAn intermittent reinforcement schedule will help maintain a behavior established through a continuous reinforcement scheduleYes