What effect does sclerotherapy have on varicose veins?
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What does an abdominoplasty involve?removing excess fat and loose skin from the abdomenWhat spa treatment is based on the concept of three doshas?Ayurvedic treatmentsWhat are commonly used in balneotherapy body treatments?Dead Sea saltsWhat is NOT a benefit of body scrubs?detoxifying the bodyWhat PRIMARILY determines the effect of a body wrap?type of product usedWhat is Botoxneuromuscular-blocking serumWhat is a characteristic of the people whose hips are MOST likely to contain cellulite?they are overweightWhat is NOT something that dermal fillers are used to fill?poresWhat is mammoplasty?breast surgeryWhat does the esthetician use to move congestion, water, and waste in the lymphatic vessels out of the body when performing MLD?massageWhat device mimics the body's natural electrical energy to reeducate and tone facial muscles?micro current machineWhat is a form of mechanical exfoliation?MicrodermabrasionWhat type of treatments does the term "non ablative" refer to?wrinkleWhat treatments employ the use of phenol (carbolic acid)?peelsWhat is NOT true of reconstructive surgery?it is a form of cosmetic surgeryWhat is a rhytidectomy?face liftWhat is the technical term for nose surgery that makes a nose smaller or changes its appearance?rhinoplastyWhat condition does endermology treat?celluliteWhat is the technical term for an eye lift?blepharoplastyWhat is the term for spa treatments that use water?hydrotherapyWhat purpose do injectable fillers serve?skin plumpingWhat is the term for the application of light rays to the skin for the treatment of wrinkles, capillaries, pigmentation, and hair removal?light therapyWhat is a procedure that surgically removes pockets of fat?liposuctionWhat tool is used to physically remove tissue down to the dermis during mechanical dermabrasion?brushWhat is NOT an ingredient of a Jessner's peel?citric acid