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Renaissance Slide Test

Mr. Long's HAM course
Cathedral Dome, Florence Brunelleschi
Ospedale Brunelleschi
Sant'Andrea Facade Alberti
St. George Donatello
Habakkuk Donatello
David Donatello
Mary Magdalen Donatello
Sacrifice of Isaac Ghiberti
Story of Jacob and Esau Ghiberti
David Verrocchio
The Tribute Money Masaccio
The Battle of San Romano Uccello
Primavera Botticelli
The Birth of Venus Botticelli
Saint James Led to His Execution Mantegna
The Dead Christ Mantegna
The Transfiguration of Christ Bellini
The Nativity Campin
The Merode Altarpiece Campin
The Ghent Altarpiece Van Eyck
Madonna of Chancellor Rolin Van Eyck
The Arnolfini Wedding Van Eyck
Man in a Red Turban Van Eyck
The Garden of Delights Bosch
Storm Breaking Leonardo
The Madonna of the Rocks Leonardo
The Last Supper Leonardo
Mona Lisa Leonardo
The Virgin with St. Anne Leonardo
Five Grotesque Heads Leonardo
St. John the Baptist Leonardo
Captive Slave from the Julian Tomb Michelangelo
The Pieta Michelangelo
David Michelangelo
Fall of Man from the Sistine Ceiling Michelangelo
Creation of Adam from the Sistine Ceiling Michelangelo
The Last Judgment from the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo
Jeremiah from the Sistine Ceiling Michelangelo
The Cumaean Sibyl from the Sistine Ceiling Michelangelo
The Creation of the Sun and Moon from the Sistine Ceiling Michelangelo
Tempietto Bramante
The Madonna of the Meadows Raphael
The School of Athens Raphael
The Transfiguration Raphael