Theater Exam 3 (78%)

A phone ringing on stage would be considered this type of sound.

A. environmental
B. motivated
C. monumental
D. effective
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If a Director needs assistance in researching the play, but the Playwright is no longer living, which is the person most qualified to help? A. Stage Manager B. Actor C. Producer D. DramaturgA. Stage ManagerThe ECU School of Theatre and Dance is equipped with two theatres, McGinnis and a blackbox theatre. A. True B. FalseA. TrueThis person decides the overall production concept of the play. A. Producer B. Set Designer C. Playwright D. DirectorC. PlaywrightArranging sounds effects in order of their appearance in the play is called: A. focusing B. editing C. reinforcement D. mixingB. editingMcGinnis Theatre, the ECU School of Theatre and Dance main stage, is this type of space: A. Thrust B. Found C. Arena D. ProsceniumD. ProsceniumCostumes suggest many things about a character including social status, occupation, and relationship to other characters. A. True B. FalseA. TrueThis design element enhances the setting by adding furniture, paintings on the wall, rugs, etc. It adds the overall personality to the location. A. lighting B. set C. costumes D. propsB. setThis person holds auditions, casts the actors, guides the work of the actor and builds the plays rhythm. A. Producer B. Director C. Actor D. Stage ManagerD. Stage ManagerThis Theatre space is the most informal since the audience serves as a backdrop for the stage. Also the actors enter and exit the stage through the audience aisles. A. Thrust B. Arena C. Found D. ProsceniumD. ProsceniumA director will always be able to choose the play they direct no matter where they are working. A. True B. FalseB. FalseThis Theatre space was used by the ancient Greeks. The Theatre at Epidaurus is a good example. A. Thrust B. Arena C. Found D. ProsceniumA. ThrustIn the And the Soul Dance, some of the characters drink a lot of sake. What is sake? A. juice B. wine C. tea D. milkB. wineThis rehearsal adds costumes to the rest of the design elements. A. performance B. preview C. technical rehearsal D. dress rehearsalD. dress rehearsalThis person is in charge of building, pulling, buying and altering all costumes for the production. A. Master Electrician B. Props Master C. Technical Director D. Scenic Artist E. CostumerE. CostumerThe chief function of the lighting designer is to reinforce the central visual element of the production. A. True B. FalseB. FalseA complete sketch of a costume, done in color, is called a: A. thumbnail sketch B. ground plan C. rendering D. modelC. renderingA small-scale, three dimensional version of the set is called a: A. model B. rendering C. thumbnail sketch D. ground planA. modelThis person is in charge of acquiring all furniture, set dressing, and hand props for a production. A. Scenic Artist B. Technical Director C. Costumer D. Master Electrician E. Props MasterE. Props MasterAccording to your text, when is the first time in history that the trilogy is seen? A. Medieval B. Greeks C. Elizabethan D. ModernC. ElizabethanResearch is not a very important part of the design process. A. True B. FalseB. FalseWhich of these terms refers to when the lights dim slowly, changing from brighter to darker? A. black-out B. cross fade C. fade D. spillC. fadeThe lighting designer is not only able to change the color of the light, but he or she can also change the shape or pattern of the light as well. A. True B. FalseA. TrueLooking at the picture, what type of theatre space is this? (The seats are only on one side of the stage) A. created B. Thrust C. Proscenium D. ArenaC. ProsceniumThis person is in charge of hanging and focusing the lights on stage. A. Costumer B. Scenic Artist C. Master Electrician D. Technical Director E. Props MasterC. Master ElectricianThis person raises money to finance a production. A. director B. dramaturg C. producer D. stage managerC. producerWhat is the most personal design element? A. lighting B. set C. props D. costumesD. costumesThe sound of rain would be this type of sound. A. monumental B. environmental C. motivated D. effectiveB. environmentalEvery time a play is produce it must be created exactly as the Playwright intended; therefore, the design staff is simply recreating what has already been done. A. True B. FalseB. FalseThis person is in charge of creating the technical drawings for the set and building it. A. Technical Director B. Props Master C. Scenic Artist D. Master Electrician E. CostumerC. Scenic ArtistWhen designing costumes, a costume designer does not need to worry about this: A. what size the actor wears B. the design of the set C. the Director's vision D. what the actor likesB. the design of the setIn And the Soul Shall Dance, why are the Murata's using the Oka bathhouse? A. it is common to share a bathhouse with your neighbor B. their bathhouse burned down C. they sold their bathhouse D. they are too poor to have their ownB. their bath house burned downThe drawing that the lighting designer produces. It shows the layout of where all of the lights will go in the theatre. A. light plot B. center line section C. light elevation D. ground planA. light plotThrough the use of color, shade, intensity, and direction lighting can suggest time of day, season of the year and location. A. True B. FalseA. TrueIn And the Soul Shall Dance, all of the adults have the same dream. What is it? A. to go to Chicago B. all of the above C. to return to Japan D. To stay in AmericaB. all of the aboveThis theatre space is unable to use any scenery except furniture pieces because it would block sight-lines for audience members: A. Thrust B. Proscenium C. Arena D. FoundC. ArenaGeorge II, the Duke of Saxe Meiningen was a Playwright and a Director. A. True B. FalseA. TrueThis type of design creates the overall location or locations of the play. A. prop B. costume C. set D. lightingC. setThis Theatre space allows for the use of large amounts of scenery. It is also the most formal theatre space. A. Thrust B. Arena C. Found D. ProsceniumD. ProsceniumWhere does And the Soul Shall Dance take place? A. Japan B. Chicago C. California D. ChinaC. CaliforniaA knock at the door would be considered this type of sound. A. environmental B. motivated C. effective D. monumentalB. motivated