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The three interpersonal sub-roles are monitor, disseminator, and spokesperson
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Trisurf Inc has received some new employees and one of the managers is making a decision on the tasks that should be allocated to each of them based on their experience and knowledge. Inc is also making a decision on who each one of them should work under. In this context the manager is performing the ____ function of management
Most of the managers and team members of Wilbesht, a pharmaceutical company, are under the age of 40. The structure of the company is informal and flexible. This scenario best illustrates Wilbesht's _____.Organizational cultureThe consumer advocacy group wants Clothesroom to take _____ responsibility for its actions and do what is rightEthicalWhich skills increase in their importance to success as mangers rise through the managerial rolesConceptual skillsA business school administrator who is determining what classes will be offered in which rooms and who will teach each specific class is involved in which classical management function?OrganizingAuburn Inc., a publishing company, realized that there was a factual error in the August issue of its business magazine, Alacrity. The magazine's editor-in-chief immediately released a press statement apologizing for the error. Subsequently, Auburn published the actual figures in Alacrity's September issue. Which of the following management functions was used in this scenario?ControllingRonnie, the advertising manager of a leading newspaper, congratulates every member of the space selling team who achieves his or her daily target. This motivates the team members to work harder and collectively contribute to the organizational goal of selling space for advertisements. In this scenario, which of the following management functions is illustrated by Ronnie?LeadingTo deal with the crisis of competition, Grace the CEO or Carnensa, decides to lower its prices of its products and launch and advertising campaign that would highlight the affordability. Which of the decisional roles does Grace illustrateThe entrepreneur roleCraftMapes strategic purpose is clear to all its employees and all of them work to achieving the same purpose. This best illustrates_____Company Mission_____ involves encouraging employees to engage in behaviors directly related to goal accomplishmentControllingNorman offers discounts to giant retail apparel stores if the quantity of products bought from Dalextives is more that their actual purchase requirement. In the context of managerial roles, which of the following decisional roles is used?The negotiator roleIn the entrepreneur role of management, managers adapt themselves, their subordinates, and their units to change True of FalseTrueWhich of the following is true about social responsibility and economic performanceThe costs of being socially responsible can be offset by a better product or corporate reputationClara gets opportunities to attend the board meetings of her vendor companies. These meetings give her a fresh perspective about how other companies frame their strategies. In the context of managerial roles she usesLiaison RoleAn _____ is a brief, two sentence statement of a company's purpose for existingOrganizational MissionSMART goals are specific, meaningful, active, reachable, and timelyFalseThe evidence clearly shows that how well an expatriates spouse and family adjust to the foreign culture is the most important factor in determining the successes or failure of an international assignmentTrueAccording to the SMART guidelines goals should be ____Task-orientedWhich of the following is not a part of SMART goalssynergisticTechnological innovation not only makes it possible to duplicate the benefits obtained from a company's distinctive advantage but also quickly creates an opportunity to turn a company's competitive advantage into a competitive disadvantage True or FalseTrueAssume KTM has set a short-term goal of increasing the customer base by 5% in the next two months. In this context, the manager has set a _______proximal goal_____ are companies that have a small share of a slow-growing marketDogsAfter learning specific critical cultural differences, expatriates trainees can participate in_____, in which they practice adapting to these differencesCultural simulations______ are the assets, capabilities, processes, information, and knowledge that an organization uses to improve its effectiveness and efficiency, to create and sustain competitive advantage, and to fulfill a need or solve a problem.Resources_____ are companies that have a small share of a fast-growing marketQuestion marksAccording to the S.M.A.R.T. guidelines, goals should be ____.MeasurableBudgets are types of ____ plansOperational____ is used to assess how well mangers and their families are likely to adjust to foreign citiesAdaptability ScreeningBoth proximal and distal goals are used to provide additional motivation and reward for employees True or FalseTrueThe purpose of predeparture language and cross-cultural training is to ______Reduce the uncertainty felt by expatriatesWhich of the following is true about planning?It helps managers to create task strategiesAn expatriate is someone who ______lives and works outside his or her own country______ is the most important factor in determining the success or failure of an international assignmentThe willingness of an expatriates spouse and family to adjust to a foreign culturePlanning can greatly improve organizational and individual performance. True of FalseTrueOrganizational ____ is the successful implementation of creative ideas in organizationsinnovationThe most common types of training provided to members of work teams is training in leadership skills True or FalseFalseWhich of the following statements is true of virtual teamsThey are also called illusionary focus groupsDiversity helps companies save money by reducing turnover, decreasing absenteeism, and avoiding expensive lawsuits True of FalseTrueHow are organizations using teams to help increase customer satisfaction?By training teams to meet the needs of specific customersWhich of the following statements is true of team developingThe development stages are forming, storming, norming, and performingBrown Beverages Corp uses cross-functional team to develop four to six new beverages annually. Brown Beverages Corp most likely used cross-functional teams because it:Allows the company to use employees from various departments with varying perspectives to attack the taskIn legal terms, intentional discrimination by an employer is identified as adverse impact while unintentional discrimination is called disparate treatment. True of FalseFalseCross-Functional Teams are purposefully composed of employees from different functional teams areas of the organization True or FalseTrueOrganizational structure is the description of the vertical and horizontal configuration of departments, authority, and jobs within a company True or FalseTrueA team finally mature into a fully-functioning team at the _____ stage of developmentPerformingA true statement about diversity is that diversity _____Provides high-quality problem solvingEmployee turnover is always bad for an organization True or FalseFalseSarah does not hire people over the age of 40 she believes older people will bring down the energy. This is unfair and discriminating example of ____Disparate treatmentThe two disadvantages associated with product departmentalization are costly duplication and difficulties with cross-departmental coordination True or FalseTrueThe primary disadvantage of geographic departmentalization is _____.Duplication of resourcesMinority domination will most likely be a problem _____In cross-functional teams of any sizeUnder the new system, each person does several jobs because each of them have been trained to do the others task. The chocolate factory is using _____Cross-trainingWhich of the following statements about functional departments is true?It allows work to be done by highly qualified specialistsSelf-designing teams have all the characteristics of self-managing teams, but they can also control and change the design of the team themselves True or FalseFalseAn ____ is defined as a small number of people with complementary skills who hold themselves mutually accountable for pursing a common purpose, allowing performance goals, and improving interdependent work processes.Work TeamA manager who wants to give his team the highest amount of autonomy should selectSelf-designing teamsShe has instructed the managers to use the traditional approach to create the organizations structure. What should the managers doCreate an organizational structure with vertical and horizontal configurationsWith surface-level diversity, differences are immediately observable, easy to measure, and _____.typically unchangeableMatrix departmentalization is a hybrid structure in which two or more forms of departmentalization, such as the product and functional forms are used together True or FalseFalseA key difference between affirmative action and diversity is that ______diversity has a broader focus, while affirmative action does not_____ do not have the authority to make decisionsemployee involvement teamsStraights are allowed to participate in all IGRA events in order to avoid claims of _____disparate treatmentThe three types of interdependence arePooled, sequential, and reciprocalA work team is a small number of people who have been assigned responsibility for pursuing a common purpose, achieving performance goals, and improving interdependent work processes. True or FalseFalseIn decentralized organizations, workers closes to the problems are authorized to make the decision necessary to solve the problems on their own True or FalseTrueTeams should not be used whenThere is no clear, engaging purposeAffirmative action actually makes good business sense in terms of cost savings the ability to attract and retain talent, and business growth Ture or FalseFalse____ is a term that describes a situation in organization when there is a variety of demographic, cultural, and personal differences among the people working and the customersDiversity____ is an example of surface level diversityGenderA virtual organization is part of a network in which companies share skills, costs, capabilities, markets, and customers with each other True or FalseTrueDisadvantages of teams and teamwork are high turnover, social loafing, and legal risk True or FalseFalseAccording to business professor Fred Luthans, one of the steps to motivating workers with reinforcement theory is "identify" that means:Singling out critical, observable, performance-related behaviorsWhich of the following is an intrinsic rewardA sense of achievementAccording to the equity theory, objective reality rather than employee perception that determines employee motivation True or FalseFalseIn the context of restoring equity, which of the following statements is true?Rationalizing or distorting inputs or outcomes can help restore equityOnce lower-order needs are satisfied, it is difficult to predict which higher-order needs will motivate behavior. True or FalseTrueAccording to ____, people will be motivated when they perceive they are being treated fairly.Equity TheoryAccording to the expectancy theory, ____ affect the conscious choices that people make about their motivation.Valence, expectancy, and instrumentality_____ is also called avoidance learningnegative reinforcementWhich of the following is a basic component of equity theoryExpectancyNeeds are defined as the social requirements that must be met to ensure survival. True or FalseFalseIt was good when the man helped the butterfly emerge from the cocoon. That showed great leadership. True or FalseFalseAs described in the path-goal theory, directive leadership is similar to the key leadership behavior of initiating structure. True or FalseTrueTwo of the 6E's discussed involvedEnvision and EnlistAccording to the Blake/Mouton leadership grid, _____ leadership style occurs when leaders care about having a friendly, enjoyable work environment but don't really pay much attention to production or performance.Country Club____ is the ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility and work with others to initiate change that will create a positive future for an organization.Strategic LeadershipThe leadership trait of integrity refers to the extent to which leaders do what they said they would do True or FalseTrueAccording to the Blake/Mouton leadership grid, _____ leadership style occurs when leaders have a high concern for production and low concern for peopleAuthority-ComplianceThe normative decision theory helps leaders decide how much employee participation should be used when making decisions True or FalseTrueOne of the differences between managers and leaders is that managers focus on visions, missions, goals, and objectives, and leaders focus solely on producing and efficiency True or FalseFalseWhich of the following is a major concern of leaders as opposed to managers?Inspiring and motivating othersIn fielders contingency theory, the term ____ refers to the degree to which a particular condition either permits or denies a leader the chance to influence the behavior of group members.Situational FavorablenessOrganizational grapevines can be managed by:keeping employees informed about changing strategies and policiesIn the perceptual process, apprehension is the process of remembering interpreted information True or FalseFalse_____ is a type of one-on-one communication used by managers to improve an employee's on-the-job performance or behavior.CoachingMarvin Musquin's block pass was a clear violation of AMA's rules True or FalseFalseStudies show that managers prefer ______ because it provides the opportunity to ask questions about parts of the message that they didn't understandOral communication over writtenOne recommendation for managers wishing to improve their formal communication is to decrease reliance on downward communication True or FalseTrueIn nonverbal communication, ____ includes the pitch, rate, tone, volume, and speaking pattern (use of silences, pauses, or hesitations) of ones volumeParalanguageDue to perceptual filters, people exposed to the same information will often disagree about what they saw or heard. True or FalseTrueThe KIlman's conflict resolution grid, outlines all the ways to resolve conflict, and avoiding should never be used. True or FalseFalseAccording to Kilman's conflict resolution grid, there is no need to tell subordinates why you accommodated them if you choose to do so. It is inferred True or FalseFalse