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Header & Footer

Text that appears on the top and bottom of every page in a document.

Page Margins

The blank space around the edges of the page.

Homerow keys (asdfjkl;)

the keys that the fingers should rest on when typing on a qwerty keyboard.


Preset condition in software for margins, line spacing,and tab setting.

Insertion Point

A blinking, vertical line in a document that indicates where the next character will be placed.


The position of text relative to the sides of the page.


A picture created by a special font such as Wingdats.

Formatting marks

Special symbols, representing spaces, tabs, and paragraphs, that do not appear on paper when a document is printed.

First Line Indent

The first line of a paragraph that is farther to the right than the rest of the paragraph.

Hanging Indent

the first line of a paragraph that is farther to the left than the rest of the paragraph.

Columns & Gutters

Invisible divisions on page where text flows continuously from one area to another.


A designed area in memory where cut and copied text is placed.

Landscape Orientation

A print orientation that prints across the widest part of the page.

Portrait Orientation

The default print orientation.

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