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  1. degeneration of cartilage in joints
  2. 1) Hypertensive ,2) Osteoporosis , 3) Pregnant , 4) Varicose Veins , 5) Intermittent claudication
  3. condition where the ability to expand the lungs is decreased
  4. degenerative joint disease in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own tissues
  5. Impairs normal glucose management . Blood sugar is not optimally delivered to the cells resulting in hyperglycemia ( high levels of blood sugar ) . To control this , Type I diabetics must inject insulin to compensate for what they cannot produce

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  1. Peripheral arterial diseasecharacterized by narrowing of the major arteries that are responsible for supplying blood to the lower extremity.


  2. Type II DiabetesThere is an ability to produce adequate amounts of insulin , but cells are resistant to the insulin. The cells do not allow insulin to bring adequate amounts of blood sugar into the cell


  3. Obstructive lung diseasecondition where lung tissue is normal , but flows are restricted


  4. Osteoporosiscondition in which there is a decrease in bone mass and density as well as an increase in the space between bones


  5. Intermittent claudicationblood pressure of 140/90 or greater