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  1. the precursor to osteoporosis and is indicated by lowered bone mass
  2. degenerative joint disease in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own tissues
  3. characterized by limping , lameness , and/or pain in the lower leg during mild exercise , resulting from a decrease in blood to the lower extremities
  4. condition where the ability to expand the lungs is decreased
  5. condition in which there is a decrease in bone mass and density as well as an increase in the space between bones

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  1. Obstructive lung diseasecondition where lung tissue is normal , but flows are restricted


  2. Arthritisdegeneration of cartilage in joints


  3. Obesityfastest growing heath problem in the united states


  4. Type II DiabetesImpairs normal glucose management . Blood sugar is not optimally delivered to the cells resulting in hyperglycemia ( high levels of blood sugar ) . To control this , Type I diabetics must inject insulin to compensate for what they cannot produce


  5. List 5 contraindications for self-myofascial release as it relates to special populationscondition where the ability to expand the lungs is decreased