Population Dynamics Review

Will population increase, decrease, or stay the same?
MORE BIRTHS than deaths
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density dependent OR density independent? diseasedensity dependent (ex. the more animals there are, the more animals can die from disease)density dependent OR density independent? natural disastersdensity independent ex. A hurricane can kill a population whether it's big or small.number of organisms in an AREApopulation densitydensity dependent OR density independent? spacedensity dependent *ex. Space is only a problem if the population growsmath formula for finding population densitynumber of individuals / areaWhen PREY population INCREASES, what happens to the predator population?increases *There's more food for them.When PREDATOR population INCREASES, what happens to the prey population?decreases *More prey are killed by more predators.POPULATION or COMMUNITY? animals living in the same place at the same timepopulationwhen a population is larger than the carrying capacityoverpopulationLESS COMPETITION or MORE COMPETITION? Which one causes exponential growth?LESS competition *If they don't have to compete for resources, a population can grow quickly.DENSITY DEPENDENT or DENSITY INDEPENDENT? Which factor happens no matter what the population's size is?density independent *Think: If you're independent, you don't depend on anyone (anything) else.What are the 3 types of distribution (or dispersion)?uniform, clumped, randomTRUE or FALSE? We care about population size because everything is connected to everything else.TrueUNIFORM or CLUMPED or RANDOM? Which type of dispersion is EVENLY spaced?uniform *uniform means "the same"UNIFORM or CLUMPED or RANDOM? Which type of dispersion is seen in a group of organisms close together?clumped *Think: Clumps of things are close together.FOUNDER or BOTTLENECK effect? when population size decreases and genes are lostbottleneck effect *Think - the neck of a bottle gets smallerFOUNDER or BOTTLENECK effect? when some individuals break off and settle in a new areafounder effect *Think - they "found" a new areaDoes genetic drift lead to MORE or LESS genetic diversity?lessa relationship between 2 species where one benefits and one if harmedparasitisma relationship in which one species eats anotherpredation (predator/prey)a relationship between 2 organisms where one benefits and the other is NOT harmedcommensalisma relationship in which BOTH organisms benefitmutualismwhen 2 members of the same species fight over the same resourcecompetitionwhen 2 or more species live in close association; one benefits and the other is NOT killedsymbiosiscompetition among members of the SAME speciesINTRAspecificcompetition among members of DIFFERENT speciesINTERspecificTRUE or FALSE: There are 3 types of symbiosis.True *They are mutualism, commensalism, and parasitisma renewable resource owned by no one and used by anyone for freecommonswhen people use up a natural resource until it is uselessTragedy of the Commonsmaintaining resources so they aren't used upsustainabilityRENEWABLE or NONRENEWABLE? resources that can be replaced within a lifetimerenewableRENEWABLE or NONRENEWABLE? resources that CANNOT be replaced within a lifetimenonrenewablewhen resources are used faster than they can be replenishedUNsustainableTRUE or FALSE? Pollution of water is an example of Tragedy of the Commons.TrueWho developed the theory of Tragedy of the Commons?Garrett HardinTRUE or FALSE? The Tragedy of the Commons can be prevented by owning rights to private land.TrueWhen population decreases, does biodiversity decrease or increase?decreaseRENEWABLE or NONRENEWABLE? oil, gas, coal (fossil fuels)nonrenewableRENEWABLE or NONRENEWABLE? solar (sun), wind, treesrenewableportion to whole sampling methodquadrantsampling method where animals are captured and taggedcapture-tag-recapturewhen each species uses less of the resource to reduce competition (divide up the resource)resource partitioning or niche restriction *ex. day vs. night huntingWhat word means "a variety of life?"biodiversityTRUE or FALSE? A variety of ecosystems allows for more species diversity.True *ecosystem diversity