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  1. A red and white triangular sign at an intersection means
  2. You may never park
  3. If you drink alcohol socially, what helps insure safe driving
  4. In a parking space reserved for people with disabilities, a non-disabled driver
  5. What does it mean when a school bus is stopped and its red lights are flashing
  1. a Slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary.
  2. b In a crosswalk.
  3. c May neither park, stop nor stand.
  4. d You may not pass while the red lights are flashing.
  5. e Ride home with a friend who has not been drinking.

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  1. Turning left.
  2. It harms both driving skills and judgement.
  3. Ride on the right side of the road.
  4. White arrows in the middle of the lanes.
  5. Before the crosswalk.

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  1. The car behind you begins to pass you. You shouldSlow down slightly and stay in your lane.


  2. On a road which has no sidewalks a pedestrian should walk on theExercise extreme caution.


  3. Which of the following influence the effects of alcoholThe vehicle ahead is stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk.


  4. A chemical test is used to measureRoad hazard sign.


  5. A diamond-shaped sign is aRoad hazard sign.