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  1. You have the right-of-way when you are
  2. You come to an intersection which has a flashing red light. You should
  3. Which of the following influence the effects of alcohol
  4. When you get ready to leave an expressway, you should begin to use your turn signal
  5. What effect does drinking alcohol and taking a prescription drug or over the counter medicine have
  1. a Come to a full stop, then go when safe to do so.
  2. b The combination could multiply the effects of the alcohol.
  3. c Already in a traffic circle.
  4. d The amount of food in the stomach.
    The body weight of an individual.
    How much time passes between drinks
  5. e 100 feet before the exit ramp.

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  1. Looking to the lower right side of your lane.
  2. The road will get narrower.
  3. Walk to the back of the car to be sure the way is clear.
  4. A triangular orange sign.
  5. To avoid conflict with other traffic.

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  1. You come to an intersection which is blocked by other traffic. You shouldStay out of the intersection until you can pass through


  2. What effect might alcohol and another drug have when combined in your bloodSignal and pass when safe to do so.


  3. What is the only effective way to reduce your blood alcohol content (BAC)Allow your body time to get rid of alcohol.


  4. What vehicles must stop at all railroad crossingsSchool buses and passenger buses carrying passengers.


  5. After you have passed a car you should return to the right lane when youIf traffic conditions require.