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Observational Learning

observational learning

is learning that occurs when a person observes and imitates behavior.

observational learning

eliminates trial-and-error learning.

observational learning

takes less time than operant conditioning.

Albert Bandura

believes that if we learned only in such a trial-and-error fashion, learning would be exceedingly tedious and at times hazardous. Instead, he says, many complex behaviors are the result of exposure to competent models. By observing other people, we can acquire knowledge, skills, rules, strategies, beliefs, and attitudes

observational learning

also called imitation or modeling

attention, retention, motor reproduction, and reinforcement.

Bandura described four main processes that are involved in observational learning which are?


In order to reproduce a model's actions, you must ____to what the model is saying or doing.


In observational learning, the first process that must occur is...

more attention

Warm, powerful, atypical people, for example, command ____ ______than do cold, weak, typical people.


is the second process required for observational learning to occur.


To reproduce a model's actions, you must encode the information and keep it in memory so that you can retrieve it. THIS IS CALLED?

Motor reproduction

a third element of observational learning, is the process of imitating the model's actions called...


is a final component of observational learning. In this case, the question is whether the model's behavior is followed by a consequence.

vicarious reinforcement.

Seeing a model attain a reward for an activity increases the chances that an observer will repeat the behavior—a process called .......

vicarious punishment.

seeing the model punished makes the observer less likely to repeat the behavior—a process called ......

Observational learning

occurs when a person observes and imitates behavior. this type of learning takes less time than operant conditioning.


For _____ to occur, a person must attend to what another individual is doing or saying.


occurs when an individual encodes information and keeps it in memory so that it can be retrieved.

Motor reproduction

occurs when an individual imitates what another individual is doing.


occurs when there are incentive conditions for imitating a certain behavior. If there is no incentive, the behavior will not be imitated.

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