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used as a wine mixing bowl but also a funeral, because it depicts a funeral on it
geometric motifs: meander pattern on top - lots of straight lines and right angles. lots of straight lines down the on the bottom in a zigzag pattern.
the top register does not continue of human art all the way around but the bottom register of soldiers and chariots covers the whole bottom register, but the top register that depicts the funeral is on one side only, on the back is geometric design - order and dependability of math over chaoticness of nature.

top register is a funeral and the bottom is war. the checkerboard cloth is covering a man on a pyre, surrounded by family members. there is a woman seated next to the pyre with a child and two children on the pyre trying to reconnect with their father. - tight family relationship

animals underneath will be sacrified and offered to the gods during the funeral. the other symbols are filler,
horror vacui - fear of empty space, anything empty is filled with symbols.

on either side there are lots of people who are pulling out their hair - devastated about the death of this man/grief. triangular torsos, rectangular arms, circle heads with big eyes.

mans greatest success in life was the war he fought. figure 8 style shield, big chariots, power.

greek art shows the human body with math overlayed and other things in art are accompanied with geometric concern.
gender markers are there but they are not taking away from the geometry of the body, the most important aspect.