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First Act

• The first act begins with a description of the family home of Don Ricardo Torres
• The family lives in a modern building which is attached bourgeois
• Héctor annoys Alice makes attempts to base it
• Then, his father, Don Ricardo arrives and explains the reason that Hector has Parra
• Don Héctor Ricardo and talk about the past of Don Ricardo
• Hector explains that he is possibly in child with her ​​cat
• Carmela hear him say that Don Ricardo Hector and is full of confusion
• Camel halda the day of birth of their children and as representative for a Carmela / or deep


• It is evident that Don Ricardo, like Hector (children less) than other children
- Hector has blue eyes and is blond
• Manuel the chemical responsible for Laboratories Zeyer Haldar is with Don Ricardo
- Money problems
- Don Ricardo Manuel thinks might be his daughter
- Beatrice arrives with her ​​boyfriend, Carlos, to discuss the wedding ceremony and after
- Beatriz Manuel invited to their wedding
- "Hector Jorge comes in and says" Quihubole black? "
• Carlos and Beatriz return "tomorrow is the presentation of Beatrice with all the relatives of Carlos
• Carmela and Ricardo have a conversation about Hector
• They discuss making about Héctor Ricardo wants to send to the United States but disagrees Carmela
• Carmela wants to improve the home environment
• Dinner is served and there the curtain

Second Act

• Beatriz will find the family of Carlos
• Hector says something stupid to his brothers
• Hector begins his contendecia to suicide
• Manuel will leave to moster role in Don Ricardo
• Manuel talks with Beatrice in a way
• Jorge came and said he was invited to an "avant-premiere"
• Carlos veni to pick up Beatriz
• Zeyer came home
• Zeyer told the story of a boy bitten
• need fifty thousand years Zeyer
• one eats Remires came home ready


• Next, ask Ramirez Ricardo King Zeyer
• Carmela told don Ricardo that just wants to Richard that the only like him because he is blond

Third Act

• Start the night before the wedding day
• Many families are saying they can not come
• Zeyer comes and congratulates Don Ricardo's Wedding
• Jorge shows a newspaper Don Ricardo and Zeyer
• The newspaper says a fearful crime laboratories
• Zeyer want to pin the blame on the chemical
• The record that includes the destruction of the vanquished dreams prove the innocence of the chemical
• Only Zeyer have these
• Alicia and Hector are
• Alicia tells the truth about Hector, say that Hector is the one that changes the dates of injections


• Don Ricardo says Hector is a menstruum
• Don Carlos Ricardo comes and speaks and Carmela
• Carlos wants to postpone his marriage to Beatriz
• Carlos talk with Beatrice and Beatrice says she does not want and do not want to marry the
• Manuel is talking to Beatrice
• Beatriz want to go to the "cabaret" with Manuel
• Beatriz and Manuel leave without telling anyone

Third and Fourth Act

• Beatriz and Manuel disappear together in a "cabaret"
• Carmela, Don Hector and Ricardo are alarmed
• They are looking to Beatrice because they think that something has happened
• Beatriz Manuel comes back and says he is a gentleman and this is the love
• Ms. Torres said Manuel cries and jailed for forgery of some medicines
• Ricardo answers that will do all it can to help


• Zeyer ha provocado un escandalo
• Primeramente aconsejo a un individuo que hizo pasar par periódica
• Don Ricardo quiere esconder el escándalo y no quiere que Manuel describa que Héctor es culpable (porque ha cambiado las fechas)
• Don Ricardo comienza una empresa con Manuel y Héctor se mata

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