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A test that provides information about needs, fantasies, and interpersonal relationships is:
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Pharmacologic treatment of depressive disorders can include which of the following?SSRIA condition of confused, unfocused, irrational agitation is:deliriumThere are five axes in the DSM-5 diagnostic assessment.FalseA personality test that uses forced-choice questions:MMPIA condition characterized by a disassociation with reality is:psychosis_____ analyzes a patient's drawings of male and female individuals.DAPIatr/o means:treatmentA variety of treatment techniques that attempt to help the individual alter inaccurate or unhealthy perceptions and patterns of thinking are:cognitive therapyA sleep disorder characterized by the abnormal activation of physiologic functions during the sleep cycle, which can include sleep terrors, isparasomniaA prolonged refusal to eat adequate amounts of food and an altered perception of what constitutes a minimal body weight, caused by a morbid fear of becoming obese is:anorexia nervosaParalysis or immobility from psychological or emotional rather than physical causes is:catatoniaChoose the correct spelling of the term for a condition of confused, unfocused, irrational agitation.deliriumA patient with the DTs is showing withdrawal symptoms from:alcoholThe Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is currently in its _____ edition.fifthMild, chronic depressed state that lasts for years but is not severe enough to fit a diagnosis of depression is called:dysthymiaAsperger disorder is characterized by:impaired social interaction and repetitive patterns of inappropriate behaviorAccording to DSM-5, autism spectrum disorder includes all of the following conditions EXCEPT:attention deficit/hyperactivity disorderNarcosynthesis is used to help the patient change an unwanted behavior, emotional response, or thought.FalseImaging used to measure the metabolic activity of the brain is:PET scanAn IQ test is:WAISOCD is characterized by:persistent, distressing repetitive thoughts or ritualsChoose the correct spelling of the term for a technique that induces an altered state of consciousness to help the individual change an unwanted behavior or emotional response is called:hypnosisA therapeutic attempt to alter an undesired behavior by substituting a new response or set of responses to a given stimulus is:behavioral therapyAn extended emotional response to extreme trauma that may include flashbacks, nightmares, or hypervigilance is:posttraumatic stress disorderA hypochondrial disorder is a type of _____ disorder.somatoformAn unreal sensory perception that occurs with no external cause is a(n):hallucinationA disorder characterized by an inappropriate elevation of mood that may include positive and negative aspects is:hypomania_____ therapy is used to treat SAD.lightA patient with this personality disorder exhibits inappropriately suspicious thinking, self-importance, an inability to forgive perceived insults, and an extreme sense of personal rights:paranoid