First nation people/groups


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a member of a people inhabiting the Arctic (northern Canada or Greenland or Alaska or eastern Siberia) lived in igloos and ate fish, and caribou.located in the Artic.
a group of tribes speaking related languages living in the eastern great lakes region. lived in long houses. they grow there own food, beans, sunflowers, and squash ect. located by the great lakes.
Plains people
tribal people of the Great Plains who hunted herd of buffalo and lived in tepees. invented trail mix. located in the prairies
people of the plateau
- Came to the region in 1700 BCE
- fished alot.
- Relied of Salmon.
- Made Cakes out of berries.
- Hunted Deer the most.
- Deer hide was made into all types of Clothing.
- Natural Resources - Salmon, Berries, and Deer.
- Social Organization was based on other cultures they met, and acquired many attributes from.
lived in pits/ dug out pits for protection. lived in the Okanogan
northwest coast people
A group of people that depended on the sea for almost all its resources. Also, a coastal forest provided them with raw materials. Had social classes pot latch and made totem poles. lived were we live today Vancouver, Vancouver island, and pacific coast of BC