joints of chakras


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shoulder chakra joints
sternoclavicular joint
acromioclavicular joint
scapulothoracic joint
glenohumeral joint
elbow chakra joints
humeroulnar joint
humeroradial joint
superior radioulnar joint
inferior radioulnar joint
wrist chakra joints
radiocarpel joint
midcarpal joint
hip chakra ligaments
iliofemoral ligament
pubofemoral ligament
ischiofemoral ligament
ligamentum ligament
knee chakra joints
tibiofemoral joint
patellofemoral joint
knee chakra ligaments
medial collateral (tibial)
lateral collateral (fibular)
anterior cruciate
posterior cruciate
posterior oblique popliteal
ankle chakra joints
tibiofibular joints superior and inferior
ankle chakra ligaments
crural tibiofibular ligament
ant post tibiofibular ligaments
medial collateral ligaments
lateral collateral ligament
sole chakra joints
subtalar joint
talocalcaneonavicular joint