Far & Away Movie

"Captain Moonlight"
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"Eye-ties"Derogatory term used by the Irish to describe Italian AmericansNativismAnti-Immigrant AttitudeEthnic RivalriesTensions between two or more ethnic groups over acceptance by the majority groupPolitical MachineA well organized political organization that controls election results by awarding jobs and other favors in exchange for votes."I don't hire Irish!"Phrase that reflects the nativist ideals of some Americans."Sooners"People who illegally claimed land by sneaking past government officials in 1889 before the land races began in Oklahoma."Boomers"Settlers who ran in the Oklahoma land races to claim land upon the 1889 opening of Indian Territory for settlement."Mick"A derogatory slang term used to identify someone of Irish origin.Gilded Age1870s - 1890s; time period looked good on the outside, despite the corrupt politics & growing gap between the rich & poor"Land is a man's very own soul".Pull factor; Many Irish were not able to own land in Ireland. There was Free or inexpensive land in AmericaJoseph's home was burned down, and his family was kicked off of their land.Push factorShannon wanted to live a more "modern" life in America. She did not like the restrictions of a woman's life in Ireland.Pull factor