800 Family TEST

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A family should not be a team
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Family should work together for a common goalTrueThe first promise was dishonor your parentsFalseAbrahams love for god over his familyTruePerson who learns from a master craftsmanapprenticeyour most important responsibility to your parentsobey and honorTeaching for survival and teaching spiritual awareness are 2 formsparental teachingwhat is meant by informal teachingchild observes parentfor humans, childhood learning is along progressIn the OT the concept of God as father wasforeshadowedJoseph was the faviote son of Jacob andRachelwho gave birth at an old ageSarahJesus said did you not know i was about my fathersbusinesshow should families work toward a goaltogetherExplain the main characters of parodical sondad - God Son - sinners older son - SaintsWhich is the non parental rolesspend time outside of family being involved in community activitiesthree MAIN names of GodYAHWEH, Elohim, Adonai