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회갑 잔치

60th birthday


baby's first birthday where they pick their 'future'

연상의 아내

a wife older than her husband

연하의 아내

a wife younger than her husband

제가 너 보다 한 살 어려요

I'm younger than you for one year

내가 너 보다 한 살 많아요

I'm older than you for one year

저보다 한 살 많아요

She's one year older than me

나보다 한 살 어려요

She's one year younger than me

형님이라고 부르세요

you may call me 'hyung'

형이라고 불러 주세요

please call me 'hyung'

형이라고 불러 줘

just call me your 'hyung

형이라고 불러

just call me 'hyung'

가장 좋은 것은, 한국식으로 하는 거예요.

The best way to do it is to do it the Korean way

그 친구들한테 "몇 살이에요?"라고 묻고 그리고 "말 놔도 되요?"라고 물어 보세요.

Ask them how old they are, and ask them "can I lower my speech level?"

분명히 "네"라고 말할 거예요.

I'm sure they'll say "yes"

편한대로 하세요

just be comfortable

이름을 불러주세요

please call me by my name

아저씨라고 불리는 게 싫어요?

You don't want to be called Uncle?

치사한사람이라고 불리는 게 싫어요?

You don't want to be called the cheapest guy?



내가 형이니깐 내가 할께

I'm older - let me do it

내가 오빠니깐 내가 할께

I'm older - let me do it

누나라고 불러도 될까요?

can I call you 'noona'?

누나로 불러도 될까요?

can I call you 'noona'?

그럼, 누나라고 불까요?

so, can I just call you 'noona' then?

그럼, 누나라고 불까?

I'm going to call you 'noona'

어 그러고보니 정말, 우리 동갑이네요

the more I look, the more I realize we're the same age


We're the same age

우리는 동갑 아닌데?

aren't we the same age?

알고보니 동갑이네

I'm surprised to find out that we are the same age!

들이 동갑이야

You guys are the same age

그냥 이름을 불러주세요

Just call me by my name

말 놓을까요? 편하게...

why are you putting your language so high? relax

우리 반말 할까?

shall we use 'casual speech'?

그럼, 우리 말 놓자

well, let's lower our speech together

말 놓으세요

Please lower your speech (sir. you don't need to respect me)

저 아직 어리니까...

since I'm still young...(you don't need to respect me)

허락하시면 저도 놓겠어요

if it's okay with you, I'll also drop the formalities

말 놓을게

I'll lower my speech

뭐야?! 진짜로 반말 해도 되는 거야?

really? You want me to use 'casual speech' with you?

연세가 어떻게 되세요?

can I ask how old are you?

나이가 어떻게 돼세요?

how old are you?

나이가 어떻게 돼요

how old are you?

몇 살이세요?

how old are you?

몇 살이에요?

how old are you?

몇 살이야?

how old are you?

한국나이로 스물 여덟이에요

한국나이로 스물 여덟이에요

미국나이로 스물 여섯이에요

In American age, I'm 26

실례지만, 몇년생이세요?

(sorry to ask but) what year were you born?


what year were you born

생일이 언제예요?

when is your birthday?

생일날에 뭐 할꺼야?

when's your birthday?

저 83년생이에요

I was born in 83

저는 1983년 9월 14일에 태어났어요

was born September 14th 1983

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