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  1. All 3 are unconformity
  2. Nonconformity
  3. Precambrian:
  4. Paleozoic Era
  5. Decay from Parent Product to
  1. a Time of no life
  2. b igneous or metamorphic rocks overlain by horizontal sedimentary rock
  3. c Age of ancient life
  4. d Angular Unconformity, Disconformity, Nonconformity
  5. e Daughter Product

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  1. 87% of Geological Time
  2. The Earth has evolved in a constant and uniform manner
  3. is the key to Past
  4. time it takes for ½ of the isotope
    to decay
  5. half-life

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  1. Physical and chemical laws are?50% Parent, 50% Daughter


  2. Principle of Cross-Cutting Relationshipfaults, fractures, and intrusions are younger than the rocks
    that they cut


  3. Mesozoic EraAge of the Mammals


  4. Cenozoic EraAge of the Dinosaurs


  5. Principle of Inclusionsinclusions (rock fragments) are always older than the host