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  1. Life began
  2. After one half life
  3. Principle of Faunal Succession
  4. Angular Unconformity
  5. Atomic number decreases
    due to decay of
  1. a tilted beds overlain by nearly horizontal beds
  2. b 50% Parent, 50% Daughter
  3. c the nucleus
  4. d each period of time has an unique and characteristic set of fossils
  5. e 600 million years ago

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  1. beds above and below the unconformity are parallel
    and horizontal to one another
  2. based on radiometric decay of isotopes
  3. 25% Parent, 75% Daughter
  4. half-life
  5. Stage for Life

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  1. Nonconformityigneous or metamorphic rocks overlain by horizontal sedimentary rock


  2. hiatusyears missing/cap in time


  3. Mesozoic EraAge of the Dinosaurs


  4. Paleozoic EraAge of the Mammals


  5. Decay from Parent Product to87% of Geological Time