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Which of the following a reason why complex passwords are required?
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A programmer is designing a low-level device driver. Which of the following languages is BEST for this purpose?AssemblyA user has been surfing the Internet with a company computer in a manner that violates the company's acceptable use policy. Which of the following contain the BEST evidence of these actions?Browser HistoryA user needs to enter text and numbers to produce charts that demonstrates sales figures. Which of the following types software would BEST complete task?Spread Sheet SoftwareA database administrator wants to populate a database with large amounts of data from an external source. Which of the following actions should be used to get the database populated?importExamine the following Code: IF zippy > 7 THEN Print "Hole 7" Else IF zippy < 10 THEN Print "Hole 10" ELSE if zippy = 4 THEN Print "Hole 4" ELSE if Zippy is > 5 THEN Print "Hole 5" IF zippy is set to 4, which of the following will be the result?hole 4In an Object Oriented programming language, which of the following are characteristics of an Object?properties and attributesA user connects a company computer to a free WIFI at a local coffee shop. Which of the following BEST describes this situation?The information on the Network could be seen by othersA database administrator wants to remove an unneeded table and its contents from a relational database? Which of the following commands would BEST accomplish this task?dropA user request additional monitor be installed on an existing office workstation, and the instillation of a video card is necessary. Which of the following activities should be performed FIRST?Turn off and unplug the workstationThe web developer defines the font color for a web page as follows: Color #000000 Which of the following BEST describes this notation?hexadecimalWhich of the following is the LOWEST unit for measuring bandwidth?KbpsA technician is troubleshooting an application issue for a user. Which of the following steps should the technician take FIRST in the process?Identify the problemWhich of the following internal computing components has the primary function of producing visual output to monitor other display device?vgaA user has requested an additional monitor be installed on an existing office workstation, and the installation of a video card is necessary. Which of the following activities should be performed FIRST?Turn off and unplug the workstationA customer's credit card number was acquired from an online store without the customer's knowledge. No other customer information was acquired. which of the following was compromised?ConfidentialityWhile accessing a server using SSH, a systems administrator receives the following message: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED The systems administrator believes this message is being caused by a MITM attack. Which of the following could be threated?confidentiality and integrityAnn a home user receives a phone call from someone who informs her that her computer is running slow and has been infected with a Virus. The caller tells Ann that she must pay to have the computer cleaned. Which of the following has occurred?Social EngineeringA customer is asking for advice on what type of storage to get. The customer mentions that multiple people will need to access the storage from their workstations concurrently, and the customer wants to spend as little as possible. Which of the following best meets the customers needs?nasWhich of the following tasks is typically preformed during the identification phase of the troubleshooting methodology?question usersWhich of the following happen if the user installs a program labeled for use on 64-bit computers on a 32-bit Computer?The program will not install on a 32-bit ComputerWhich of the following data types BEST performs calculations?IntegerWhich of the following filesystem features is MOST likely to ensure data integrity through unexpected shutdown?journalingWhich of the following filesystem features is MOST likely to ensure data integrity through unexpected shutdown?patentDuring a power outage a server with redundant power supplies shuts down despite being connected to a UPS. The technician determines that the UPS has failed and replaces it. The technician then separates the power supplies to connect them to two separate UPSs. Which of the following troubleshooting steps did the technician just accomplish?Implement Preventative MeasuresWhich of the following examples are MOST typical of fault tolerance practices used in business community planningRAID Storage and Uninterruptible power suppliesRelational databases are considered to bestructuredGiven the following pseudocode: VARIABLE my-val = 1 WHILE my-val < 2 BEGIN If my-val EQUALS 4 BEGIN PRINT 'Value is Beta' END ELSE BEGIN PRINT 'Value is Alpha' END Which of the following will be printed?value is AlphaWhich of the following concerns does installing cross platform software addresses?combabilityA company leverage an off-premises SaaS solution to deliver an application to its users. Which of the following BEST describes this type of application delivery model?cloud-hostingA collection of columns that defines uniqueness in a relational database can be described as a:fieldA SOHO user has just replaced a wireless router and wants to share the network with others in the next building. Which of the following methods would BEST secure the network and allow sharing?set a pre-shared keyWhich of the following types of encryption would BEST protect a laptop computer in the event of theft?diskA help desk has initiated a new policy requiring that technicians manually categorize the reason for a customer call. After several months, they are unable to perform any analysis on the information. Which of the following concepts is MOST closely tied to the root cause of this issue?data captureA system administrator has been directed to purchase application licensing for an office with a highly fluctuating user count. If cost is no object, which of the following application licensing models would BEST suit this need?site licenseAn end user reports seeing the old company intranet site and not the recently released updated information. What step should the user take to resolve this issue?clear browser cacheA database administrator needs to add new details about products to an inventor table, including pricing, product number, and unit measure. Which of the following BEST meets these requirements?queryWhich of the following requires MOST frequent updating to remain effective?device driversWhich of the following would indicate the FASTEST processor speed?3.6GHzWhich of the following protect against brute-force attacks on passwords?Password length and Password lockoutA coworker tells Joe, an employee, that the company's time-off policy has been updated. Joe goes to the company's time-off web page, but looks like it has not been updated. When Joe looks at the page on his coworker's computer, it has changed. which of the following should Joe do to make sure he can view the updated pages on his computer?Clear his Web browser cacheA system administrator is attempting to access an outdated web application. The website is trying to load but is not completing. Which of the following is the BEST option to try?Check Browser CompatibilityWhich of the following types of network security deals with deviations from the historic connection patterns and analysis of new threats to provide effective mitigation responses?Behavior SecurityWhich of the following structures represents the telephone number of a single customer in a multi-record database?recordWhich of the following is a hardware identification address for networking devices?MACWhich of the following contains exactly four copper wires?USBA system administrator is setting up a new server using RAID technology if one hard drive is in the array fails, the data is stored on another drive, preventing data loss. Which of the following business continuity concepts does this explain?Fault toleranceWhich of the following storage types looses its data when power is lost?RAMWhich of the following BEST describes a technology that allows multiple users to create and edit reports at the same time?Text File on a shared driveConsider the following Statements If userin = "commander" Then clearance = "topsecret" Else if userin = "analysis" Then clearance = "restricted" Else Clearance = "normal" Give the input (userin) of "analyst" to which of the following would clearance variable be set ?restrictedFor which of the following would a markup language be BEST used?Formatting a WebpageA user purchased new USB speakers for a laptop. After plugging in the speakers and testing them, there is no audio coming out of the speakers; however, audio is still coming from the laptop speakers. Which of the following settings would be BSET solve the problem?Adjust the Output deviceWhich of the following is used to maintain relationships between data?Data PersistenceWhich of the following would MOST likely be used when transferring data between mobile devices?NFCA company is developing a management program. Which of the following BEST describes the grade level of a student object?FieldWhich of the following devices forwards data packets to devices on the same LAN?LanWhich of the following Internet service types would be the MOST likely to function in a powercableThe marketing department contacts the web development team and states that they are receiving inconsistent values in a newly launched form. Which of the following is most likely the problem?Client-side scripting has been deactivated on some clients visiting the siteA programmer has detected to store an application's data rather than a flat file so it can be accessed by multiple people at the same time. This is an example of:ConcurrencyWhile Configuring a new wireless access point, a technician must choose an encryption type. Which of the following is the LEAST secure?WEPWhich of the following BEST explains the use of the float over integers to store monetary values?It supports decimalsA company has a large number of remote employees. All these employees all have sensitive data on their computers, which are laptops and desktops. Which of the following should be used to physically secure all the computers?Security Cable lockWhich of the following would a company consider an asset?information residing on backup tapesWhich of the following would allow an application to run automatically when a computer is started?services. An IP address is 32 bits long. If converted to bytes, it would be4 BytesWhich of the following types of operating systems is only used to manage other operating Systems?HypervisorA technician overhears a system administrator mentions the team "IOPS." To which of the following operating system functions would the team BEST Apply?Disk Management