Practice Exam 2 - Security Fundamentals

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___________ groups are used in Active Directory to assign permissions to shared resources.
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By default, Windows Active Directory will ensure a user doesn't reset their password to the ______ previously used passwords if the Enforce Password History policy is enabled.24You want to ensure your email servers are protected against malicious and spam emails. What are two effective ways to protect your email servers? Select Two:Validating PTR Records Sender Policy FrameworkWindows Defender Firewall is an example of a software firewall.TrueYou've set up a dedicated computer to collect audit logs from all of your servers automatically. To do so, you would need to create an:Event Viewer DescriptionThe Run As command allows you to run an application or task with administrator privileges:TrueYou've been tasked with ensuring that your business partner web portal in your Extranet is up and running 99.99999% of the time with very little downtime. What are you attempting to accomplish?Availability____________ is Microsoft's full disk encryption, where it encrypts the entire hard drive on a PC.Windows BitLockerWhich of the following does not provide network isolation?HubWhich of the following is not one of the three factors of authentication:First NameYou receive a phone call. The caller tells you he's with the IRS and needs to confirm your identity. The caller asks you to provide your full name, social security number, date of birth, and current address. What type of attack is this?Social EngineeringThe image below shows the process of a ____________.Sender Policy FrameworkWith _____________ filtering, you can limit access to a wireless network based on a client PC's NIC hardware address:MAC AddressIn Windows Defender Firewall, you can create inbound and ____________ rulesOutboundThis type of password attack uses a large table with pre-calculated hashes and their associated password.Rainbow TableAs a network administrator, you've noticed a lot of recent attempts of hackers trying to get past your DMZ firewall. You want to study what the hackers are doing. What should you implement?HoneypotWith this type of attack, a hacker will capture a message and later resend the unmodified message to a server, hoping to create a trusted relationship with that server.Replay AttackThe use of digital signatures and hashing with DNSSec provides the following two benefits. Select Two:Authentication IntegrityWhich of the following is not a Windows Update classification?Required Updates____________ is recommended for mobile devices, such as Smartphones when it comes to mobile device security.Remote Data Wiping SoftwareThe ____________ is the zone that contains websites you trust not do damage your computer or files.Trusted SitesWhat is Windows encryption technology for USB hard drives?BitLocker to GoYou've noticed employees in the sales department have been accessing Control Panel and changing computer settings. You want to disable access to Control Panel for standard user accounts for the entire Active Directory Domain of 200 employees, what would be the best way to do so?Create a GPO object in Active Directory that disabled access to Control PanelWe can create software restriction policies with Windows AppLocker.TrueUsing PKI encryption, you write an email and encrypt it with the recipient's public key. By doing so, you're ensuring:Email ConfidentialityThis type of malware is designed to gain administrator-level privileges on a system through the modification of core system files of the Operating System.RootkitIf you move a file to a new folder within the same hard drive partition, it will inherit the destination folder's permissions.FalseWhich of the following are not TCP/IP packet attributes that packet filtering firewalls can utilize with ACLs? Select Two:Applicationg protocol Session StatusWhat is not a scenario in which we would typically use a Read-Only Domain Controller:In our Headquarters Office____________ attacks modify a computer's local hosts file to redirect users from legitimate websites to fraudulent fake websites.PharmingThis type of malware is shape-shifting and difficult to detect with anti-malware software:Polymorphic VirusA ____________ is an "online" digital credential that stores a person's public key.Digital CertificateWhich of the following vulnerabilities is a wireless client potentially exposed to?Roque Wireless Access PointsThis type of encryption, also known as PKI, uses a private and public key matched pair.AsymetricWhich NTFS permissions give a user permission to write to a file, append a file, add files and folders, and read or change a file's attributes.WriteKeyloggers can either be physical or logical.True