Lesson 16

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Spell checking is automatically included with any web-based email program. (T/F)
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You can subscribe to a friend's calendar without receiving specific permission from the friend. (T/F)FalseAfter you click the Send button in an email message, the message is sent to the browser for delivery. (T/F)FalseIn Gmail, how can you report a specific message as being spam or junk mail?Click the Report Spam buttonWhich of the following is the first step in creating a signature?From the top navigation bar, click the Settings button and then click Settings.Which of the following options do you select to send a copy of a message that you received to someone who is not listed as a recipient on the original message?ForwardWhat is the default location for downloaded files, such as attachments, in Windows 10?DownloadsWhich of the following information is contained in a message header?The destination pointWhich of the following components of an email message should always be filled?Subject lineWhich of the following information do you need to know to change an existing appointment to a recurring appointment?How often the appointment is repeatedWhich of the following email addresses has the correct structure?janedoe@gmail.comWhich of the following information do you enter to create an appointment using the Quick Add option?Start timeIn the Gmail Inbox, where do you organize your messages into different folders?LabelsHow does Gmail indicate that a message that you received has an attachment?A paper clip is displayed next to the subject titleHow would you gain access to a calendar in another format that is compatible with the Google Calendar?Import the calendarIn your calendar, which of the following categories would you assign to times when employees can come in to discuss issues?FreeWhich of the following actions should you take to avoid being placed on a list that results in receiving spam messages?Set up an additional email account, separate from your main personal/business account, with a web-based email service that you can use for correspondence that could result in spam.In the new message window, where do you list individuals who will also receive a copy of this email?In your calendar, which of the following categories would you assign to a time that you will meet with your supervisor?BusyWhat is the purpose of a signature?It saves you from having to enter your name and information on every email message.Which of the following steps should you do first to add someone to your contacts list if you have already received a message from him or her.Point at the email address and in the pop-up window that opens, click the Add to contacts link.Which of the following steps should you perform first to get your email up and running?Get an email account from your ISP, school or organization, or a web-based email provider.