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This is the ways to determine some of the samples.

To find the average

1. Add numbers.
2. Divide by number of series.


1. Tens place: number before decimal point makes the second spot grow.
2. Hundredths place: third number after the decimal point round up the second number.

Determine the volume of a cylinder

Volume (cylinder)= pi x r˄2 x h

Determine the width

perimeter/ length= width

Determine the cost of carpet in a room

1. Multiply the carpet length.
2. Carpet length divided by 9.
3. Total of Step 2 x given price.

Determine the average daily cost

*Watch the way the question is stated. For example, On Monday and Thursday, she spent $5.43 total. On Tuesday and Wednesday, she spent $3.54 on each day. On Friday, she spent $7.89 on lunch.
1. Notice the first number says total.
2. Notice the second number does not have total, double.

What is the mathematical average of the number of weeks in a year, seasons in a year, and the number of days in January?

mean = sum of values/total number of values
(52 weeks, 4 seasons, 31 days in January)
mean = (52+4+31)/3; mean = 87/3; mean = 29

Determine original marketed cost

1. 100%-highest %.
2. Price given/ Total of Step 1.
3. 100%- lowest %.
4. Total of Step 2/ Total of Step 3= Answer.

Determine the grams

1. Given grams/Given ounces= # Grams
2. Last total x ounce equal to= total

If the perimeter of a rectangular house is 44 yards and the length is 36 feet what is the width of house?

P = 2L + 2W (convert P to ft and sub known values)
132 = (2*36) + 2W (simplify)
132 = 72 + 2W (subtract 72 from each side of the equation)
60 = 2W (divide both sides of the equation by 2 to find the width)
30 = W

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