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Matter is a substance that controls the rate of a chemical reaction . True or false ?
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All of the following are basic forms of matter expect:ElementsWhich of the following items would be describe as a gas?OxygenIce melting into a puddle on the ground is an example of what kind of change?PhysicalThe smallest possible unit of an element is called a(n):AtomAll of the following are elements found in keratin Except:InitiatorThe process in which substance of two or more molecules interact and under ego a change is known as:Chemical reactionThe hardening processing of artificial nail products is also referred to as:PolymerizationWhich of the following terms describes what is necessary for a chemical a reason to begin?InitiatorA substance that controls the speed of a chemical reaction is called a(n):CatalystThe mostly widely used solvent in the nail industry is:AcetoneA highly flammable Solvent used to remove nail polish from the fingernails is known as:AcetoneWhen removing nail polish from artificial nails, it best to use which type of remove ?Remover without acetoneWhich of the following terms describes the ingredient that gives the nail polish it colors ?PigmentThe type of products that causes a nail tip plate to stick is known as:AdhesiveA small, single molecule that helps form a polymer is called a(n):MonomerA type of adhesive used to create layers over a nail wrap is known as:Wrap resinA accelerator is applied over the resin on a nail wrap to do which of the following ?Speed up the curing processAn acrylic nail system typically includes two key ingredients, A liquid monomer and :Powder polymerThe product in gel systems will not cure or harden without exposure to:A light sourceTwo or more atoms joined together by a chemical bond is a(N):MoleculesThe process that occurs when a certain type of molecule called monomer molecule, comes together with other monomer in chemical reaction to form three- dimensional networks or polymer chains known as a(n)PolymerizationA short chain version of a polymer . Only contains of limited # of monomer links-anywhere from five to 500 . Are mainly made of acrylics in gels known as :OligomersAre ingredients used to set up wrap resin in just a few seconds known as a(n) :AcceleratorsA small , single molecule that may become chemically bonded to other monomer molecules to form a polymer when it comes into contact with an initiator known as a(n) :MonomerA type of molecule attraction that causes two different surfaces to stick together by an interaction n molecules known as a(n):AdhesionWhen a substance that controls the speed at which the chemical reaction occurs is known as a(N):CatalystMade up of many monomers that are chemically bonded to form chains or networks known as a(N):Polymer