Some varieties of English are judged as inherently bad or ungrammatical because of the negative image of its speakers in the community.
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Which state legislature passed a law in 1919 against the use of foreign languages in public?NebraskaThe term 'Ebonics' was orinally coined by Dr. Robert Williams in 1973 to mean 'black sounds'.TrueEbonics gained publicity in 1996, when the Oakland School Board of Oakland, CA, named Ebonics as the language of 28,000 African-American students within the district.TrueEbonics, now commonly referred to as African-American Vernacular English (AAVE), is lazy English; bastardized English; poor grammar; fractured slang.FalseWhereever main stream English uses contractual form of the verb 'be', AAVE has zero coupla sentences.TrueWhich sentence is NOT a syntactic characters of AAVE?Lift up the latch.Anglicist Hypothesis of AAE origin suggests that it is a plantation creole developed in Antebellum in South.FalseCreolist Hypothesis of AAE argues that it is not a creole in itself, but it is decended from it.TrueAccording to Lakoff (1975), women tend to use more tag questions than men.TrueAccording to Lakoff (1975). use of hyper-correct gramma is a characteristic of men's speech pattern.FalseSome research done on Gender differences in speech patterns attributes this to biological differences of males and females.FalseAccording to earlier research on language and gender, more talk in the public domain by men is not necessarily associated with their status and power.FalseWomen talk more with others to establish social connections, establishing and reinforcing friendships and intimate relationships.TrueJohn Gumperz (1982a, 1982b) suggested that the differences between male and female speech patterns are the result of their cultural upbringing.TrueAccording to Barr and Atkins, language difference between males and females has nothing to do with either their sexual differences or the gender differences. It has to do the power differential. Both males and females in the position of power tend to use the 'male' language pattern and both males and females in subordinate roles use the female language pattern.TrueThe Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states that our thoughts constrain or influence the language we speak.FalseThe thesis of this article is to show the relationship between language, culture and thought that helps us understand human congnition.TrueLanguage is the most distinguishing characteristic of the human species and it differentiates humans from other animals.TrueThe accent, vocabulary, and the discourse pattern on one's language do not necessarily define the cultural characteristics of a speech community.FalseThe use of multiple negation (two negative words in a sentence) is a distinct characteristic feature of AAE.TrueThe fact that Hopi Indians perceived the concept of Time in terms of the morning, noon, evening, and night and not in terms of 10 a.m., 11 a.m. 12 noon, etc. supports Sapir-Whorf's claim that the language one speaks influences our thought process.TrueOne of the criticisms leveled against Sapir-Whorf's hypothesis is that the research done by Malt and Broker suggests that the categorization of objects non-linguistically (without using their language tool) is more pronounced than their linguistic categorization of objects across cultures.TrueRecent neurophysiological studies argue that language is not integrated into general cognitive functions and does not automatically modulate online cognitive processes.FalseWhorf, based on his research on Hopi Indias, came to the conclusion that "People who own different words live in different conceptual worlds".TrueThe fact that speakers of Russian treating light blue and dark blue as primary colors were faster to categorize shades of blue than English speakers does not support Lera Boroditsky's claim that "the more words you know, the more thoughts you can have."FalseThe fact Spanish and French speakers assign male or female voices to cartoon characters depending on the grammatical gender of the word supports the claim that "Different languages influence our minds in different ways".TrueEarlier, it was thought that the ability to 'read' and 'write' was the hallmark of a civilized society.; Illiterate population was considered 'primitive'.TrueAnthropologists view 'literacy' as technological advancement and a social phenomenon.TrueThe alphabetic writing system was developed in Mesopotamia, located in what is now Iraq.FalseThe earliest evidence for writing appears to be for recording quantities and concepts; not for representing speech.TrueWhich writing system is not a phonetic type?LogographsThe pictographic writing system was first developed by:SumeriansPictographic writing tells stories through sound symbols.FalseAlphabetic Writing is a phonological writing system that has a different symbol for each vowel and consonant sound.TrueAccording to the Autonomous Model of Literacy, "Learning how to read and write is not simply a process of developing cognitive skills associated with these activities, but also learning how these skills are to be used in social context"FalseThe spread of literacy accompanied historically by the spread of religion.TrueBrain expansion in Humans was necessitated, as Dunbar argues in his article, because of their need to keep up with their 'social networking'.TrueAccording to Dunbar, the Expansion of the brain's frontal cortex coincides with humans living in groups of approximately 1000-20000 people communities.FalseSocial Intelligence Theory / Machiavellian Intelligence Hypothesis suggests that the expansion of primate brains coincides with their survival instinct, find their way around, solve problems in their daily search of food.FalseSupport for 'Social Intelligence Theory' comes from the fact that the primates have a strong social bond between individuals; they live in highly structured groups. and cannot leave or join other social groups as easily as other animals.TrueAccording to 'Social Intelligence Theory', primates' bigger social group has no direct correlation with their brain size.FalseAccording to this article, verbal articulation acts as a social grooming tool in human beings.TrueThe term 'Gossip' in this article refers to talking bad things about others behind their back.FalseThe primary claim of this article is:Key design properties of human language is shaped by culture and language use across generationsThree common interpretations of Language Evolution are: Biological evolution Language Change Cultural emergence of linguistic structureTrueExperiments mapping between signals and meaning supports the genetic hypothesis of language origin.FalseThe experiments done on Color pattern recognition streamlining over generations support the cultural evolution of language hypothesis.TrueCognitive science experiments showed that iconic meaning (form or sign signifying the meaning) represented by few participants changed to symbolic meaning (form and meaning related by arbitrary convention) by larger participantsTrueSystems with unconditioned variation have lesser entropyTrue