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BMTC Navy HM Fundamentals

Hospital Pledge
1. Well trained and educated
2. Trained to level of clinical competence
3.Utilize and reinforce training whenever possible
Medical Code of Conduct
1. Defines behavior as right or wrong
2. Ethics for Corpsmen are from this pledge
Birthdate of Hospital Corpsmen
17 June 1898
Which Corpsmen recieved the Medal of Honor first?
Robert Stanley
What were the benefits of being a Surgeon's Steward
1. $18 a month
2. Could not be discharged without the consent of the officer appointing them of their successor
What is the insignia of the Medical Corps Officer?
Gold oak leaf with accorn in the center.
What is the insignia of the nurse Corps Officer?
Gold oak leaf
Name the allied health professions of the Medical Service Corps. (Hint 8)
1. Pharmacists
2. Optometrists
3. medical Technologists
4. Physical Therapists
5. Dietitians
6. Physician Assistants
7. Social Workers
8 Hospital Adminstrators
What is the insignia of the Medical Service Corps?
Gold oak leaf with a branch at the bottom
What must POWs be proteceted against?
1. Violence
2. Intimidation
3. Torture
4. Insult
5. Public Curiosity
What is the only legitimated use of a weapon by a medical person?
Protect themselves against wrongful attack
How should a hopsital ship be marked?
3 red crosses painted on each side of the hull: forward, center and aft.
Define Carrier
A person or animal that harbors a specific infectuous agent in the absence of discernible clinical dieases.
Define Communicable Diease
An illness which may pass or be carried froma reservior to a susceptible host.
Define Transmission
Any process by which an infectious agent is spread from a reservoir to a susceptible host.
What is the treatment for Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2?
There is no cure. Lesions will recur throughout life.
What are the DoD's concerns and reasons for testing for AIDS?
1. Protect battlefield blood supply
2. Protect individual members
3. Cannot give live virus vaccinations
4. Cannot be assigned to areas with exotic diseases
5. Maintain personal sexual hygiene
What are the four types of Vector-Borne transmissions?
1. Mechanical- carrying from one location to another e.g. cockroaches
2. Biological- Injection of salicary gland fluid during the biting of an insect e.g. mossuitoes
3. Airborne- dissemination of aerosols to a portal of entry usally the respiratory tract
4. Congenital- Mother to unborn fetus
What are the signs and symptoms for Meingitis?
1. High fever
2. Neck/back pain
3. Nausea
4. Lethargy
5. Photosensitivity
6. Petechial rash
7. Altered mental status
What are the three types of tinea (ringworm)?
1. Tinea capitis- ringworm of the scalp
2. Tinea corporis- ringworm of the body
3. Tinea pedis- ringworm of the foot (athlete's foot)
How do you break the Chain of Infection?
1. Sterilization
2. Disinfection
3. Proper disposal of contaminated waste.
4. Proper use of isolation techniques
5 Sexual abstinence
6. Immunization
What is the purpose of Field Sanitation?
Keep as many personnel free of communicable diease as possible.
What is potable water?
Water that is suitable, safe or prepared for drinking.
Boiling water is only to be used when?
In case of emergencies.
According the the Surgeon General smoking is what?
The most preventable cause of death in society.
Alcohol is a contributing factor in...
1. 20% of all falls
2. 20% of accidental asphyxiation
3. 25% of deaths from choking on food
4. 50% of all fatal car accidents
Define Near Miss
event of situation that may have resulted in harm to a patient but did not, either by chance or timely intervention.
Define Adverse Event
occurrence of condition associated with care or services that cause unexpected harm to a patient.
Define Intentional Unsafe Act
alleged or suspected act or omission of a health care provider pertaining to a patient that involes a criminal act.
Define Sentinel Event
unecpected occurrences involving risk of or actual death, serous physical or psychological injury.
Code Blue
Cardiac or respiratory arrest
Code Green
Internal/external mass casualty
Code Pink
Infant or child abduction
What are examples of harassing agents?
1. Lacrimators
2. Vomiting
What are two smells associated with blood agents?
1. Bitter almonds
2. Irritating odor
What is the most penetrating form of radiation?
Gamma Rays
What is the process for first aid of CBRNE patients?
1. Control massive hemorrhage
2. First aid for life threatening shock and wounds
3. Decontaminated exposed skin and eyes
4. Remove contaminated clothing and decontaminated of body surfaces
5. Adjust patient's mask if needed
6. First aid for less sever shock and wounds
What is the purpose of tactical triage?
Save as many lives as possible by keeping as many combatants in the fight.
1. First priority
2. Minor treatments
3. Care for quickly and return to fight
1. Second priority
2. Severe respiratory dister uncontrolled suspedct sever hidden bleeding.
3. Patient can be saved by quick skill and intervention
1. Third priority
2. Delayed withought significant jeopardy to recovery
3. Require extensive surgical and professional care after emergency care is given
1. Fourth priority
2. Mortal wounds
3. Comfortable as possible and medication or relieve pain
Define S.T.A.R.T.
Simple triage and rapid treatment
What are the evacuation stages of tactical triage?
Stage One- Urgent treatment to prevent complication (Immediated)
Stage Two- Delay will not affect patient return to the front (Delayed)
Stage Three- All remaining patients (Expectant)
What is the difference between tactical and non-tactical triage?
Tatical- To save as many as possible to keeping as many combatants in the fight as long as possible
Non-Tactical- To save as many lives a possible
In combat what takes priority over medical care?
The mission
In tactical combat care how do you control severe bleeding?
Tourniquet "life over limb"
What medications are not used to treat pain on the battle field?
1. Aspirin
2. Ibuprofin
3. Other blood thinning medications
What is the litter capacity of the CH-26 Sea Knight?
What is the litter capacity of the CH-53 Sea Dragon?
What are two types of evacuations reports?
1. Nine-line Medevac Report
2. CO's case Report