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Intro to Art Therapy Final exam

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-play is natural and an essential part of development
-we learn through play
---opening ourselves to something new and creative by going beyond the bounds we call real
-sandplay takes this cross-cultural healing a step deeper and It becomes the collective unconscious (union point of view), It creates in the tray a limited defined space that fills the vision of the view so that allows the viewer to go into a liminal state of space--the play space, the play frame beyond ordinary consciousness and then they have a selection of figures that represent all parts of life and fanasty and some materials to make things if we cant find what we need
-the sand being malleable and can take on any form
-trays are painted blue on the bottom so they can make a design or a river or a lake
-the person goes to the tray and molds the sand and picks out the figures, whatever jumps out at them and make a little world and they may go back a few times, but they always know when they are DONE --> then the therapist comes around and keeps that sacred space, asks if they are any associations (adults) or is there a story or a title (child)
-encourages people to let this live in you and Its working on you from the inside out
-collective unconscious allows us to pick figures that we need to address the issues at which point our psyche is stopped right now--the psyche is actually moving and is reconfiguring as they place these symbols, neurological changes are occurring
-work over a course of a series of trays = a process of change