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The Atlantic Circuit was a network of trade routes connecting Africa, the Americas, and Europe. Match the continent exchange to the most common traded items: Europe to Africa

Hardware, guns, textiles, etc.
Slaves and gold
Sugar, silver, tobacco, etc.
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Which two kingdoms, that survive as independent states to this day, consolidated for the sake of protection from the Zulu kingdom? Afrikaners Lesotho Swazi Orange Free StateSwazi and LesothoWhat group came to refer to themselves as the Afrikaners? French and Dutch farmers & ranchers of Cape Colony Freed slaves from the Belgian controlled Congo The African merchant class of the Gold Coast Escaped slaves from the East Coast slave coloniesFrench and Dutch farmers & ranchers of Cape ColonyWhat term is used for the movement of Afrikaners between 1836-1839 to the fertile lands to the north? Great Trek Long March Trail of Tears Vast VoyageGreat TrekWhat is not one of the three settler colonies resulting from this movement of Afrikaners? Transvaal Orange Free State Xhora NatalXhoraWho used his fortunes, made from the diamonds in Kimberley, to found the De Beers Consolidated, a company that has dominated the world's diamond trade ever since? Savorgnan de Brazza Henry Morton Stanley King Leopold II Cecil RhodesCecil RhodesWhich of the following did not contribute to the Afrikaners' upper hand against the British in the Boer War? Knowledge of the land Modern rifles High motivation More troops (450,000)More troops (450,000)Where in Africa did we see the development of a segregated society? Angola Egypt South Africa CongoSouth AfricaKing Leopold II of Belgium invested his personal fortune in occupying what territory? South Africa Nigeria Zimbabwe CongoCongoWhat two African countries retained their independence and experimented with modernization during this time? Egypt Ethiopia Congo KenyaEgypt and EthiopiaWhat colony was established to serve as the base of anti-slave-trade operation and as a home to hundreds and thousands of recaptives? Sierra Leone Cape Colony Gold Coast MoroccoSierra LeoneFew Europeans lived in Africa outside of what two countries? Congo Algeria Sudan Nigeria South AfricaNigeria and South AfricaIn exchange for promises to give French citizenship to Senegalese, who helped recruit Africans to serve in the French army during WWI? Sekou Toure Blaise Diagne Haile Selassie Julius NyerereBlaise DiagneWho fought the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, eventually winning back his position as Emperor during WWII? Julius Nyerere Blaise Diagne Sekou Toure Haile SelassieHaile SelassieBetween 1952 and 1956, France granted independence to Tunisia and Morocco, but sought to retain control over what country? Algeria Ghana Kenya EthiopiaAlgeriaMatch the independence leaders to their liberated nation: Sekou Toure Kenya Tanzania Guinea South AfricaGuineaMatch the independence leaders to their liberated nation: Julius Nyerere Kenya Tanzania Guinea South AfricaTanzaniaMatch the independence leaders to their liberated nation: Jomo Kenyatta Kenya Tanzania Guinea South AfricaKenyaMatch the independence leaders to their liberated nation: Nelson Mandela Kenya Tanzania Guinea South AfricaSouth AfricaWho was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and Africa's first elected female head of state after being elected in Liberia in 2005? Joyce Hilda Banda Sahle-Work Zewde Rose Francine Rogombe Ellen Johnson-SirleafEllen Johnson-SirleafWho was the Sudanese general that led and coup in 1989 and later became the first sitting head of state to be charged with genocide and crimes against humanity by the ICC in 2009? Sani Abacha Omar al-Bashir Idriss Deby Robert MugabeOmar al-BashirWhich epidemic that arrived in the New World in the 1518 was the deadliest of the early epidemics? Malaria Measles Influenza SmallpoxSmallpoxWhat animal had the most striking effect on the cultures of native peoples on the plains of both North and South America? Oxen Horses Cows SheepHorsesHow did Spain and Portugal justify their American conquests? Obligation to spread Christianity Propagate crops on "unused" fertile soil Provide medical innovations to the natives Natives showed no desire for the silver and goldObligation to spread ChristianityWhat did Bartolome de Las Casas' New Laws of 1542 outlaw? Native religious practices Intermarriage between Amerindians and freed African slaves Intermarriage between Amerindians and Europeans Enslavement of AmerindiansEnslavement of AmerindiansWhat is the name of the Spanish imposed labor system that required 1/7th of adult male Amerindians to work 2-4 months each year in mines, farms, or textile factories? Madeira Mita Potosi ViceroyaltyMitaWho became one of the most prominent early settlers of Chile after escaping his master in Mexico and participating in Francisco Pizarro's conquest of the Inka Empire? Antonio de Ulloa Pablo Hidalgo Jorge Juan Juan ValienteJuan ValienteSomeone of mixed Amerindian and African descent Mestizo Creoles Mulattos CastasCastasSomeone of mixed African and European descent Mestizo Creoles Mulattos CastasMulattosWhites born in America to European parents Mestizo Creoles Mulattos CastasCreolesSomeone of mixed Amerindian and European descent Mestizo Creoles Mulattos CastasMestizoWho condemned tobacco smoke as "dangerous to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs"? The New York Times Benjamin Franklin King James I Christopher ColumbusKing James IDue to stiff competition from Virginia tobacco, English, French, and Dutch colonies of the Caribbean switched from tobacco to what cash crop? Tea Coffee Cotton Sugar CaneSugar CaneBy 1600 which colony was the world's great sugar producer? Jamaica Brazil Hispaniola CubaBrazilIn 1680, what colony became the wealthiest and most populous of England's American colonies? South Carolina Barbados Brazil JamaicaBarbadosDuring what period in time were the most slaves traded across the Atlantic from Africa? 1651-1700 1751-1800 1701-1750 1801-18501751-1800How long did a slave live on average after arrival? Four years Seven years Ten years Thirteen yearsSeven yearsOn most islands in the West Indies during the eighteenth century what percent of the inhabitants were slaves? 25% 50% 75% 90%90%What is the term used for a "privileged" male slave whose job was to ensure that a slave gang did its work on a plantation? Principal Overseer Driver ForemanDriverSlave owners in the Caribbean found it to be cheaper to import a youthful new slave from Africa than to raise one to the same age on a plantation. True FalseTrueWhat was the most common cause of a slave to receive manumission? Purchased their own freedom Retirement Relationship with the owner Born to a slave mother and free fatherPurchased their own freedomWhose invasion of Portugal in 1807 and of Spain in 1808 undermined the authority of colonial officials and ignited Latin America's struggle for independence? King Ferdinand VII King John VI Franco Francisco Napoleon BonaparteNapoleon BonaparteWho was the most influential military leader in the struggle for independence in South America? Jose Maria Morelos Simón Bolívar Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Colonel Agustin de IturbideSimón BolívarIn 1810, what was Spain's wealthiest and most populous colony due largely to its silver mines? Florida Mexico Venezuela BrazilMexicoFollowing the capture and execution of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1811, the Mexican revolution continued under whose leadership until 1815? Jose Antonio Paez Colonel Agustin de Iturbide Jose Maria Morelos Jose de San MartinJose Maria MorelosLed by Pedro I, the son of the Portuguese king, Brazil gained independence and became what type of government? Absolute Monarchy Democratic Republic Constitutional Monarchy TheocracyConstitutional MonarchyWhat was the result of the Confederation of 1867? Created of the Dominion of Canada Created of the Dominion of Brazil Created of the Dominion of Venezuela Created of the Dominion of MexicoCreated of the Dominion of CanadaFrustrated by the chaotic workings of democracy, many citizens saw what form of government as the best protector of their lives and property? Theocracy led by the Catholic Church Dictatorship Constitutional Democracy Constitutional MonarchyDictatorshipWhat two events resulted in vast amounts of new territory being added to the United States? (check both correct answers) War of the Triple Alliance Louisiana Purchase Civil War Mexican-American War Caste WarMexican-American War and Louisisiana PurchaseRising from humble beginnings, who served as Mexico's president and led Mexico's resistance to a French invasion in 1862? Benito Juarez Edouard Manet Jose Antonio Paez Francisco Solano LopezBenito JuarezThe Caste War nearly returned the Yucatan to Mayan control, however Maya rebels retreated to unoccupied territories and created an independent state called what? Empire of Ek Chuah Empire of the Eagle Empire of Cizin Empire of the CrossEmpire of the CrossWhat conflict did Secretary of State John Hay call "a splendid little war"? 47 Ronin Incident Spanish-American War Mexican-American War Freedom Park IncidentSpanish-American WarVenustiano Carranza and Alvaro Obregon organized private armies and overthrew Huerta in 1914. What did they call themselves? The Rough Riders The Constitutionalists The Zapatas The Rage CageThe ConstitutionalistsThe Platt Amendment gave the U.S. the "right to intervene" in what country, which it did from 1906-1909, in 1912, and from 1917-1922? Panama Cuba Greenland MexicoCubaWho served as president of Mexico from 1934-1940, and during his reign nationalized the oil industry, distributing millions of acres of land to the peasants, and brought representation to the workers and farmers? Lazaro Cardenas Hipolito Irigoyen Big Jim Hall Jimmy CarterLazaro CardenasWho went from being a super cool & effective president of Brazil in 1930 to a fascist dictator of Brazil in 1938? Big Jim Hall Getulio Vargas Rio de Janeiro Sao PauloGetulio VargasWho took control of Argentina in 1943 via a military revolt but clearly relied on his charismatic wife, Eva, for popularity and political skills as he was overthrown soon after her death? Estado Novo Juan Peron Big Jim Hall Henry FordJuan PeronIn the 1950s, what American corporation was Guatemala's largest landowner, but kept much of the land fallow (unused) to keep international prices of their product high? United Fruit Company America Movile Walmart de Guatemala Southern Copper CorporationUnited Fruit CompanyWhat was the name of the plan used by the Brazilian government in the 1960s-70s that consisted of a dictatorship, violent repression, and government promotion of industrialization? "Castro's Blueprint" "Only The Strong" the "Anti-Communist Commitment" the "Brazilian Solution"the "Brazilian Solution"What war "against terrorism" lasted from 1976-1983 and consisted of the Argentine military's use of illegal imprisonment, torture, and executions of leftist groups? The Dirty War Operation Eagle Claw Operation Mongoose The 7 years warThe Dirty WarWhat is the name of the leftist coalition that overthrew the Nicaraguan dictatorship of Somoza in 1979 and attempted to install a socialist economy? The Sandinistas The Contras The Leo Club The ChamorrosThe Sandinistas